Kingdom A&S 2017

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15 April 2017

Barony of the Lonely Tower (event held in Underwood, Iowa)

Event Steward: Mistress Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh

Tavern Steward: HL Cristina la Ambeler

Tri-levels entry form: Championship form: Judging form: htp://



Unofficial Court Report:

> Amon Attwood – Leather Mallet > @Elspeth of Stonehaven – Calon Lily > Vashti al-Asar – Leather Mallet > Elaisse de Garrigues – Golden Calon Swan > Abbatissa inghean lohne mhic Cuaig – Leather Mallet > Æsa á Norðrlonda – AoA > Beatrix Bogenschutz – Leather Mallet > Cera in Fheda – Silver Hammer > Zaneta Baseggio – Leather Mallet > @Kainen Brynjólfsson – Queen’s Chalice > @Zarah bat Chesed – Leather Mallet > Ysabel de la Oya – Leather Mallet > Tarique ibn Akmel el Ghazi – Silver Hammer > @Leilia Corsini – Leather Mallet > @Khuden Volkov – Torse

  • Other court news:

> Ms. @Katrei Grunenberg received her Laurel scroll, due since the reign of Valens III and Susannah II.


Comments and Impressions: