Kingdom A&S 2015

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11 April 2015 Wyvern Cliffe (Jefferson City, MO) Royalty: TRM Anton and Isabeau

Event Steward: HE Gabrielle von Friedrichstahl Event Flyer: Website: Entries:


  • Kingdom A&S Champion: HL Cionaodh Mac Cosgraigh
  • Fundraiser auction to help the Brooks family and the Calontir Falcons

Unofficial Court Report:

[[|560x315px||Ballad]] Photos:

Comments and Impressions:

  • Calontir is the best kingdom... And it is so nice to see the wonderful artisans here at home. Kingdom Arts & Science, hosted by Wyvern Cliffe, was an incredible day! - Nesscia
  • Congratulations, Cionaodh Mac Cosgraigh, on Kingdom Championship! Really proud of you. Nice work! (And I can't believe you got me to drink cider--and like it!) - Conna
  • Unto all of the Artisans and Judges who participated in Kingdom Arts and Sciences do I send greetings!

> Words cannot truly express how wonderful each of you are! I was amazed at the skill of our artisans and as I wondered the hall and chatted with people it was evident how the spark of inspiration has spread once again. > Heartfelt congratulations to HL Cionaodh Mac Cosgraigh on being named the 27th Kingdom Art and Sciences Champion. > Thank you to the Shire of Wyvern Cliffe for their hospitality, to Mistress Rebecca Beaumont for serving as Master Scheduler, HL Elynor of Glastonbury for creating a beautiful new scroll to continue the roll of arms, HL Helena Soranzo for creating a new Champions Baldric, Snorri Ruddari for the beautiful beads gifted to the entrants, Lady Denise Le Court for creating the stunning hood gifted to Lord Vels inn Viggladi our 26th in the line of Arts and Sciences Champions, whom I thank for his continued support of our artisans. - Ishmala, Kingdom A&S Minister >

  • The Kingdom Arts and Sciences was my 2nd event. I'm hooked line and sinker. There were so many inspirations from the many artisans. While I was there I came up with a name and persona it should work. The post revel was great and I got know some more folks and learning some great songs, I've almost memorized 3. - David Woods