King's Company of Archers 2018

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General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Date:
  • Location:
  • Royalty:
  • Event Steward:
  • Theme:

Pre-registration: skip the line on Saturday morning, or at least wait in a short, quickly moving line

  • Email Aibhilin! dolphinlover1988 at gmail. com with:
    • your SCA name,
    • your court title,
    • your rank in Calontir Archery and
    • what type of bow you are going to shoot (longbow, recurve, or crossbow).

Aibhilin will reply with your registration number. Then you need only to pick up your score card on Saturday morning and you are registered. Registrations will be taken until Friday (9/7) morning at 9 am.

Team Shoots:

  • Barony Archery! Champions! Baronial Archery Marshals! Your Excellencies! If you wish to put a 5 member team together, please do so and email it to me at your earliest opportunity. If you have specific questions about the shoot, please contact our Archer General, Honorable Lady Alessandra de Piro.

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

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Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

On the range:

In evening court:

Other court tidings:

Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • Off site and eating brunch now. Had an excellent weekend, and I hope you all did too! There are so many people to thank for this event. So, thank you Calontir! I'm happy to call this kingdom my home. You all made this an easy, smooth event and site was spotless when I left! Thank you specifically to the following: Their Majesties Xerxis (Talon Larson) and BelAnna DeRouge. To Jaida de Leon, my co-autocrat. To Margaret Dewey Tank and Deanna Lewis for making sure this event happened. To Svanna, John Bowyer, Alyssa Crawford, Janos Katona for being in charge of martial activities. To Nick Liner for helping in a multitude of ways. Thank you to my Gate crew. Thank you to the Waterbearers, the Playing with Fire folks, and everyone who made sure we had a great event. - Aelin Kausi
  • Thank you, Barony of Forgotten Sea! Two great events in one... Horse & Falcon and Playing with Fire! Wish I could have stayed longer! You all are wonderful hosts! - Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh