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Kievskoi means "from Kiev", formed according to Type IV on p. xxix of Wickenden. It says Kiev was founded c. 878-82 on p. 434 of the same source.

The modern Russian adjective is Kievskii, not Kievskoi. Kievskoi would be genetive case, not nominative case. But there are several examples of placenames using the -skoi ending in Wickenden, esp. in late period.

Primary Sources:

882 in primary chronicle:

И пришли к горам Киевским, и узнал Олег, что княжат тут Аскольд и Дир.

и при̑доста къ горамъ Києвьскымъ . и оувидѣ Ѡлгъ . ӕко Ѡсколдъ и Дирд̑ъ 35 Ж кнѧ̑жита .

City ending in -ov/-ev/ovo With preposition Noun Patronymics Adjectives Unmarked Sources/Notes
Kiev Kievlianin, Kiianin Kievich, Kyianinov Kievskij,