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Ki no Kotori, Clothiers, 2019. Picture credit Edward Hauschild

Ki no Kotori 紀小鳥[edit | edit source]

aka Tace of Foxele, Maria Katerina von Adlerhof, Szabo Maria, Kári Gilsson, Ægileif in kyrra

Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • Ki no Kotori 紀小鳥 is a 10th century (Heian Era) Japanese courtier who has taken Buddhist vows(Heian Era). She is my primary Persona.
  • Kamakura-era garb, 2008. Photo by Lord Alfgeirr skytja.
Photo by Lord Alfgeirr skytja
  • Tace of Foxele is 12th century Anglo-Saxon lady living in Norman-occupied England, at Foxele (modern Foxholes), in Yorkshire, 9 miles south of Scarborough.
  • 11th century Anglo-Saxon garb, 2004. Photo by Lord Alfgeirr skytja.
  • Maria Katerina von Adlerhof is a 16th century Austrian, in the service of the Habsburg Imperial Court in Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.
  • In Austrian Garb, 1996. Photo by Richard Gilson.
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History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Summer’s End Tournament, Barony of the Flame, Midrealm, 1993. I’m on the left with the red bandana.
  • I started in the SCA in 1991, in the Barony of the Flame (Louisville, KY), Middle Kingdom
  • Originally I was a heavy-weapons fighter. Injuries have sidelined me.
  • AOA awarded by King Jafar and Queen Catherine, Midrealm 3/12/1994 for Service as Chronicler and at Demos.
  • Became Squire to Sir David Dragonhawk, 9/24/1994
  • Baronial award: Order of the Flamberge by Baroness Cordelia Tichy, Barony of the Flame, 1995, for Service at Demos.
  • Moved to Calontir after I met my husband, Alfgeirr skytja. We lived in Coeur d'Ennui from 1998-2001.
  • We moved to Dubuque in 2001 and started the Riverwatch contact group in mid-2002. It disbanded in 2006. After that, we were honorary members of the Shire of Deodar.
  • Golden Swan awarded by King Valens and Queen Susannah for Calligraphy & Illumination 5/24/2003
  • Torse awarded by King Joe-Angus and Queen Phaedra for service to the Riverwatch contact group 1/31/2004
  • We moved to the Kansas City metro area in December 2012 and now live in the Shire of Cum an Iolair.
  • Granted entrance to the Order of the Calon Lily by King Xerxis II and Queen Belanna for Poetry and Research 9/15/2018
  • Apprenticed to Ylva jarlkonna Jonsdottir 2/2/2019
  • First event: Summer's End Tournament, Barony of the Flame, Middle Kingdom, Sept. 1991.
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  • Being awarded the Golden Swan by Queen Susannah, Barony of Forgotten Sea, 2003. Photo by Verla Herschell.
    Groups and Affiliations:
Granted entrance to the Order of the Calon Lily by King Xerxis II and Queen Belanna, Queen's Prize, Shire of Crystal Mynes, September, 2018. Photo by Edward Hauschild (Vilhelm Lich).
  • Current Group: Cum an Iolair
  • Previous Groups: Shire of Deodar, Riverwatch contact group (Dubuque, IA), Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, Barony of the Flame (Midrealm)
  • Guilds, Households, etc: Scribal guild, Bardic guild, squired to Sir David Dragonhawk (Midrealm) 1994-present, House Drachenstein (Midrealm) 1992-1994.
  • Offices:
  • Local Offices: Exchequer (Shire of Cum an Iolair); Past: Talon Herald, Chatelaine (Shire of Cum an Iolair) Deputy Seneschal, Chronicler (Barony of the Flame); Contact person, Herald, Knight's Marshal, Exchequer (Riverwatch)
  • Regional Offices: Assistant Signet (Southern Oaken Region, Midrealm, 1994), Lanner Herald Committee (Calontir 2016-2018)
  • Kingdom Offices: None
  • SCA-wide Offices: None
  • Other service: Autocrat of five events: Summer's End (1993), Collegium (1994), Christmas Tourney (1993, 1994) in Barony of the Flame, and Triskelion at Riverwatch (2004)
The Riverwatch Contact Group, Dubuque, Iowa, 2003. Photo by Gaston le Mieux.

  • Classes Taught:
  • Basic Calligraphy: Carolingian, Insular Majuscule, Insular Minuscule, Half-Uncial, Shodo (many times)
  • Scroll layout (many times)
  • The Medieval Middle East (Collegium, Barony of the Flame, 1994)
  • How to do Documentation (Riverwatch, 2002)
  • T-Tunic Tutorial (Riverwatch, 2002, 2003)
  • Let's Renga! (Riverwatch, 2003)
  • Let's Tanka! (Riverwatch, 2004)
  • Successful Event Planning (RUSH, Le Grande Tent, 2003; Flynthill 2005)
  • Panel: Design Elements of 16th Century Japanese Clothing (Clothiers, 2017)
  • Kosode Construction: Stitches, Tips, and Tricks (Clothiers, 2017)
Roderick Noise Maker, HE Margaurite des Baux, and Ki no Kotori playing at the Cum an Iolair Christmas Party, 2018.

Other Information:[edit | edit source]

Scroll given to Dubuque bar, The Busted Lift, who let the Riverwatch contact group meet in one of its rooms for free. 2002
  • Documentation for past projects:
Calon Cross Scroll for Saito Takauji, 2017.

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