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HE Kajsa Nikulasdotter


  • Who, what, where? Swedish post Viking, perhaps 1300. I consider myself to have been trained in healing arts, and basic household skills. For some unknown reason I also picked up leather working skills.

History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • When started in SCA? Joined in 1995 when my Significant Other discovered fighting in the Barony of Three Rivers. It took a while to discover my SCA loves but kept coming back because there was so much to learn, and so many interesting people to learn from. I married that Significant Other, known as Ravasz Janos, in 2000.
    • My AOA was in 1999.
    • I started a fund raiser for the Barony called Site Dinner in Nov 2000. Basically it is a meal once a month where the food is donated and the populace buys dinner. I had to step down as coordinator when I became Baroness in 2008. I retired as Baroness in 2012 but didn't take over the site dinner again until 2014, and I continue to do so today. Granted the title of Hearthkeeper for Three Rivers by Their Excellencies Gwendolyn and Duncan in Dec 2017 for long service to the Barony.
    • In the meantime, I worked on leather working, in particular, tooling, and just for fun, made a hand sewn hemp tent and painted it. (It is beautiful but doesn't hold out rain.) I also performed with, wrote for, and organized the Three Rivers Players with that Significant Other of mine, Ravasz. Eventually I ended up a triple GOA (Hammer, Cross, and Lily) of which I am inordinately proud. I was granted a Laurel at Kris Kinder Dec 2017.
  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Current Group: Barony of Three Rivers
    • Previous Groups: none
    • Guilds, Households, etc: I am a distaff member of Hertog Hirsch and Hertogin Magdelena's household.
  • Offices:
    • Local Offices: Baroness of Three Rivers 2008-2012
    • Regional Offices:
    • Kingdom Offices: Head of Household for Anton IV and Yseult (2019)
    • SCA-wide Offices:
    • Other service: Site Dinner Coordinator 2000-2008, 2014-present, Three Rivers Players Co-founder and Manager

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