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formerly known as Siobhan le Blake[edit | edit source]

I was honored to be welcomed into the Order of the Laurel September 10, 2010, by TRM Oswald Konrad von Riesetoten and Kaye of Gordon.[edit | edit source]

Persona: Jehanne is from the town of Bruges in the duchy of Burgundy and works in the Sanders Bening's workshop, the father of Simon Bening. In 1486 my employer was known to have joined the Bruges [of St. Luke]. This workshop produced many things for the Dukes of Burgundy#https:'' Sadly he died in 1519.

This was a decadent era, with most worldly supplies passing through or near Bruges. The clothing was opulent, but not so fitted I can't sew it myself.

My motto is "Gloria in Facto", the justice is in the doing. The thing I like doing most is creating scrolls for Calontir's Monarchs to present to their populace.

My Kingdom of Calontir "Resume":[edit | edit source]

Started in the SCA around the summer of 1991. Calontir's Arts and Sciences for 2002-2003 Auditor Artis and Snoter Degrees from R.U.S.H

  • ====Groups and Affiliations:====

====My Local Group is the Barony of the Lonely Tower# ====I am a member of Calontir's Scribes Guild# and have created numerous original scrolls for multiple Monarchs.==== ====With M.Rolf Hobart, I lead regular classes for Lonely Tower's scribes.====

  • Positions and Honors: I don't have or care about the dates of my service.

Baronial Offices held: * Barony's Arts Minister prior to the combination of that office with the sciences. * Barony's Chatelaine twice. * Anser Pursuivant * Roll of Arms, a deputy to the current Anser Pursuivant * Financial Committee member for many years and currently * Event Steward for at four events. ' Spring Fling (twice) ' R.U.S.H Session (twice) ' Coronation ' Twelfth Night Kingdom Offices and Deputy Positions held: * Rush Regent four years * originated and served as Calontir's Backlog Scroll Clerk * emergency replacement for a Falcon Scribe moving from Calontir * Falcon Signet for two+ years soon after being elevated as Laurel. R.U.S.H * Classes include the production of diaper patterns, acanthus patterns, and use of wash techniques, diamond-point engraving, and the sewing of a book chemise, my Beguine head covering, veils, pigment production, some from local sedimentary rocks.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

I have the Web Blog Create Me 365 where I twice weekly post about scribal and SCA related topics. Besides doing calligraphy and illumination I enjoy research and learning. Blogging gives me the opportunity and purpose for that.

Any abusive or slanderous content will be deleted.[edit | edit source]