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Issues Log[edit | edit source]

  • 01/13/2014 @ 2:48PM MST: Found that People are tagged with "Golden Calon Swan", but no one is showing on the Award page. [reported by @sagtaurian/Jibra'il 'Attar]

FIXED: Widget re-intalled. When page created, no one was tagged, so widget didn't work right and was deleted. .

  • 01/13/2014 @ 2:59PM MST: Created the "Cross of Calontir" page, and it appears all known tags pulled in via the widget. [reported by @sagtaurian/Jibra'il 'Attar]

FIXED: Widget edited to identify the tag to be pulled in. Must be done whenever a new page is created.

  • 01/13/2014 @ 3:09PM MST: Same issue in creating the "Queen's Endorsement of Distinction" page as with the "Cross of Calontir" page with the widget. Also, having issues formatting the full award name on the Awards & Orders main page; could only abbreviate to QED without throwing off the table. [reported by @sagtaurian/Jibra'il 'Attar]

FIXED: Widget edited as above. Format of Awards and Orders page changed to take that category out of the table. To Edit a Widget (be in edit mode, of course): * Click on the widget. * Click on "Edit Widget" * Wait for the dialogue box to finish loading. * Change the options in the "Show Pages Tagged" box as necessary * Change the number in the "Number of Pages" box to the number of anticipated tags * Click "Embed Page List" (or whatever widget you're working on) when done