Heraldshill Property List

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General[edit | edit source]

  • Shire Shade Fly (Sofya, needs cut for pole sleeve)
  • Shire Tables (Sofya)
  • Officer Baldrics: about 20 (Sofya)
  • Shire Champion/Herald Tabard (Jutte)
  • Treasurer Troll Box - cash box, 12 clipboards, Kingdom Law and Treasurer's Handbook (Avelyn)

Feast Gear:[edit | edit source]

  • pots, pans, serving bowls, kitchen towels, decorations (Jutte? Stasi?)
  • Coffee maker (Gida)
  • Kitchen towels (Gida?)

Flags, Signage and Heraldry:[edit | edit source]

  • Road Signs (x3 Juliana)
  • Shire Banner (Jutte)
  • Big canvas SCA Sign (Sofya)
  • Red fabric Shire trumpet pennants with poles (Johan & Anna)
  • Multi-colored mini-pennants - fabric and plastic (Sofya)
  • Three mini-brass trumpets with red/gold cording (Sofya)

Site Marking Supplies:[edit | edit source]

  • About 100 wire flags (Sofya)
  • Less than 1000ft caution tape (Sofya)
  • 0 cans of marking paint (Sofya)
  • About 1000ft of twine (Sofya)
  • 1 glowstick (Sofya, also has two personal LED lights to loan)

Site Tokens:[edit | edit source]

  • Site Token Dies: Calontir Cross and Northshield compass rose (Sofya)
  • Calon Cross Stamp (Sofya)
  • Ages of War 07 - have 2 cross/compass "coins" (Sofya),
  • St. Augustine's Faire '08 - have 98 felt hats and 65? kazoos (Sofya)
  • AoW09 pewter "coins" (Gida) and 41 feast napkins (Sofya)
  • Kingdom A&S Pouches: 105 (Sofya)
  • Kingdom A&S Pottery Token Holders and Pencils (Sofya)
  • Purple and gold dragon's tears (Sofya)
  • CC13 Fibulas: 66 (Sofya)
  • H&HX Feast Harps: a few (Stasi)

Marshallate:[edit | edit source]

  • List Field (Johan)
  • Tournament List Tree (Jutte)
  • Loaner Armor (Johan)
  • Scutums (Johan)
  • Marshal's Box (Johan)
  • Bean bags for consort tourney (Sofya)

Equestrian:[edit | edit source]

  • Headstands x0 ?, Heads x6, Ring poles, Rings, Jousting lances (Kaie)

Archery Equipment:[edit | edit source]

  • Several arrows of varying length and style. (Gobban)
  • Plastic container to hold arrows. (Gobban)
  • Two 20ft x 10ft high Kevlar backstops. (William?)
  • Eight nail type stakes. (William)

Youth Supplies:[edit | edit source]

  • Goose Game (Sofya)
  • Huge plastic tote with felt, coloring pages, etc. (Sofya)

Shire Books:[edit | edit source]

  • An Tir Herbal Guild Compendium II (Sofya)
  • Bassi, Geirr. The Old Norse Name. (Herald)
  • Blake, Fanny. Kings & Queens of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. (Herald)
  • Compleat Anachronist #1 – Medieval and Renaissance Eyeglasses (Sofya)
  • Compleat Anachronist #33 – To Cure Humanity (Sofya)
  • Compleat Anachronist #55 – Primer on Pottery (Sofya)
  • Compleat Anachronist #95 – Period Chronology Volume I: A through L (Sofya)
  • Compleat Anachronist #96 – Period Chronology Volume II: M through Z (Sofya)
  • Dolan, J. R. English Ancestral Names: the evolution of the surname from medieval occupations. (Herald)
  • Miller, Bruce and Munday, Kevin. A Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry as used by the Society for Creative Anachronism (2nd edition). (Herald)
  • Reaney, P. H. and Wilson, R. M. A Dictionary of English Surnames. (3rd edition). (Herald)
  • Way of Plean, George and Squire, Romilly. Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia. (Herald)
  • Whitmore, William H.. The Elements of Heraldry. (Herald)