Heralds Admonishments

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Heralds Admonishments from the Oath of Dorcas, Gold Falcon (emeritus) derived from the "The Accedens of Armory" 1563, Gerard Legh http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.31175035163776;view=1up;seq=1

1. Ye shall be ready in your apparel of arms at all Coronations, Creations and Christenings, and in all high feasts and tournaments. And with all your power you shall give instructions of the same to all officers of arms serving under you. 2. Ye shall give yourself to your learning, and teach officers under you of all services appertaining to honor. 3. Ye shall be expert in betrothing of Princes and Princesses, as well as in numbering of the people. 4. Ye shall make oft visitation, of kingdoms and provinces. 5. Ye shall honor knighthood and all the acts thereof. So too shall ye honor all Peerages, both bestowed and of royal estate, and all the acts thereof. 6. Ye shall not suffer one gentleman to malign another. And railing you shall bar to the uttermost of your power. 7. In doing of arms and martial acts, ye shall favor no party, but make true report. 8. Ye shall be at all public proclamations, done on your King’s behalf, in his coat of arms. 9. Ye shall not disclose the secrets of ladies or gentlewomen, to any man or woman, whatsoever you know of them. 10. Ye shall flee taverns, and hazarding.