Harvest Home 2018

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General Information[edit | edit source]

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Highlights:[edit | edit source]

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Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

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Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

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Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • My kingdom, the Heartland, the home I came back to, thank you. I came here to write a big thank you to all of those who helped make Harvest Home a success, and dear Lord I am thankful. Without Marie (Juanita) and the kitchen crew, DeannaDeeScott, Thomas and Benjamin, my coordinators, NadyaToryAmanda and Shari, HG Sile, MarkJorg, Lee, and my out of town set up crew, AdamLandisJohanna, every person who entered, everyone who fought, ate, sang, taught, attended classes, thank you from the bottom of my bruised heart. But that is only one thank you, from a seneschal and event steward. Furthermore, from a father, thank you.  To every one who took me aside, who gave me hugs and understanding, for every one of you who posted in solidarity about the b.s. of the last few weeks, know that you all are a big part of why I've been able to keep moving forward. Know that my kiddo has seen those messages, and he knows you're there too. With humility that I rarely show, Thank you. YIS, Ma'az