Hail the Striking Falcon 2014

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25 October 2014 Grimfells Royalty: Agamemnon and Gwen.

Event Stewards: Rafe le Mountere and Aline Swynbroke



  • HG Hirsch won the March Warden tourney
  • Sir Anton won the Chamfron Challenge (Equestrian)

Court Report:

  • Barrett Thickblood - Award of Arms
  • Kathryn Alice Northrup - Award of Arms
  • Rafe le Mountere - Torse
  • Elena Morena del Mar - Award of Arms
  • Eynon Llangenydd - Silver Hammer
  • Ivar of Grimfells - Award of Arms
  • Alexandra Rivke Jessen - Torse
  • Annora Reynor - Eo-Hirth
  • Alarich Iarngrad von Thorn - Torse
  • Kara of Grimfells - Queen's Chalice
  • Gustav of Grimfells - Award of Arms
  • Nakos Theodorosides - Leather Mallet
  • Eowyth þa Siðend - Court Barony
  • Mar of Grimfells - Order of Chivalry
  • Halvgrimr Riddari - King's Favor


Comments and Impressions:

  • A huge thanks to the folks on Grimfells for a GREAT weekend! It has been a while since I last visited our southern border but this event reminded me I should do so more often! - Robert Schuster
  • Great time in Grimfells at Striking Falcon. Thanks to Nakos, learned to Japanese finger weave. Got to visit with lots of folks. Glad they found Tola after she wandered away. (Long tale) Glad I didn't die in the fog shourded backwoods, banjo plucking, haunted drive from hell. (Longer tale) Was not as fun as hospitable as I usually am. Not a lot of sleep reference back to longer story. But got to do fun things, be nice to a couple folks and hang with Calontir Wichita is always a good time. - "Bubba"
  • Great job, Grimfells, on Hail the Striking Falcon! Great event and awesome feast! - Elasait
  • Great events take the hard work of the local hosting group. Really amazing events take a Kingdom. Thank you so much to those from outside of Grimfells who helped this weekend. Whether it was helping us herald or marshal, teaching classes or donating items to the auction, judging A&S or helping in the kitchen, or the many, many other things you did, we could not have had half as much fun without you. This truly is a Kingdom that defies group borders and comes together like family, and for that, we are deeply grateful. - Rebecca Williams von Groote
  • As one of the autocrat's of Hail to the Striking Falcon, I'd like to thank TRM and TRH and everyone else who came to the event to make it such a great success. A big thank you to Rebecca Williams von Groote and Peter IV Von Groote for with out then I don't think I could have kept up with everything. Thank you to Sawbina Fahy for making one of the best feasts I've ever had. I feel blessed to have such great people in the Shire-March of Grimfells to pull of this great even. I know there are others that I need to thank but I hope to give them thanks in person. In the words of Sir Andy Ward this event restored my wander and awe and love of the SCA.

> Rafe le Mountere, Autocrat, Hail to the Striking Falcon.