Gulf Wars XXIV - 2015

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15-22 March 2015

Location: Gleann Abhean Royalty: TRM Anton and Isabeau

Gulf Wars Website: Allied with: Ansteorra

Online Muster Book: Volunteer Signup Form: War pay: copper bracelets


  • Count Damien MacGavin was lowered to the Order of the Archaic Fewment
  • Lord Andromir Vukovic received a Leather Mallet for leatherwork
  • Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri received a Leather Mallet for cookery
  • Lord Seamus Yanger and Lord Gianlupo were made Fyrdmen
  • Lord Dewi ap Owen received a Leather Mallet for brewing
  • Lady Halldora Gudrodardottir received a Torse for waterbearing
  • Comtesse Issabell St. Charles and Lord Johan Berger were made members of the Boga Fyrd
  • Her Excellency of Bryn Gwlad (Ansteorra) gave wordfame and gifts to Duke Garick von Koepke for his actions on the battlefield (placing himself as a footstool to help the Ansteorran army get over the wall)
  • Duchess Gilyan (April Gillilan Chipman) was made an Iren Fera on Wednesday after the ravine battle.


  • March 10th: Wow. 240 Calontiri on the MUSTER!
  • March 17th: Fudge competition...
  • March 18th: Weather update from the Gulf Wars Event Stewards, High winds and storms within two hours. Batten down the hatches!!! [Or not.]
  • March 18th: Party on the Veranda...
  • Dawi was squired to Duncan Eardstapa.
  • HL Janos Katanos won Ward Bard. So a Calontiri has won this this 3 years in a row. And Calontir won for the kingdom with the most entrants in the competition. Again!
  • Duke Jean-Paul was elevated to the Order of the Pelican in Ansteorran court on Thursday.(with a sneaky Calontir hug brigade present to share our Kingdom's affections).
  • NEWS FLASH! THIS JUST IN! Master Brandubh reports that the total Paladins Pantry Food Drive donations came to TWO pickup truck loads! That's an incredible first year! Just imagine what we can do next year! Vivat to all the generous soul at Gulf Wars, and to our comrades at the Gode Bakery who made this possible! [Collected left-over non-perishable food from the War.]
  • Gulf War Soup Kitchen

> 40 Loaves of Bread > 15 Jars of Jelly > 15 Jars of Peanut Butter > 40 pounds of Jerky > 25 boxes of Little Debbie’s Cakes > 50 Gallons of Soup > > Donations to the Soup Kitchen > 2 Cases of Cookies > Dozens and Dozens of Fighter Biscuits > Jars of Peanut Butter > Jars of Homemade Jelly > Jerky > Little Debbie’s Cakes > Home Made Cookies > Pickles > Olives > Oranges > Cash to help defray cost > > I hope I have not missed items that were donated. It was amazing to see all the tasty items coming in every day! The generosity of this Kingdom to its Soup Kitchen is always overwhelming and incredible! Thank you so very much. > The Calontir Soup Kitchen…..Always envied, often imitated but never duplicated! - BelAnna de Rouge

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Comments and Impressions:

  • I would like to thank everyone that was at gulf war. It was an awesome anniversary vacation for my wife and I. It couldn't have happen without everyone there. Vladek Sasul
  • " I packed for Gulf Wars not Lilies"
  • I, Lady Zahra from Northshield, would like to extend my gratitude to the generous populace of Calontir for welcoming me onto your campgrounds and allowing me to enjoy your company at my second Gulf Wars. I was amazed and impressed to have the opportunity to be amongst wonderful people and bask in your pride for your Kingdom. I look forward to seeing my cousins again. Vivant and safe travels!"
  • Here is a (copy of a copy of...) the original event flyer from the very first SCA event in Berkley, CA. I was amazed and humbled to receive this priceless fragment of our Dream at the conclusion of the Meridian Rose Tournament. Thank you very much, Your Majesty, for trusting in my ability to stand as Your representative at such a prestigious event. - James Patterson
  • Home safely from a fabulous Gulf. Almost nothing went the way I had thought it would, but almost everything worked out better than I had planned.

> Favorite memories: > Sharing food and drink at Chez Edward ([[1]]) with so many friends that I haven't gotten to spend near enough time with lately. > Waking up to the sounds of Jennifer Beasley and Carol O'Connell playing medieval music in camp. > Seeing lots of friends get well-deserved awards all week. > Hearing all the fun stories about the ponies from [Eowyth]. > Waking up to the sound of rain on the tent roof, however briefly. > Seeing friends from far and wide congratulate [[2]] on his pending elevation. > Being a part of the [of Calontir] at war. > The hard part is coming home and missing everyone so terribly. Plus, all the laundry. - Nikolena Martinovna Popriadukhina >

  • Fun story. At Gulf I had a small flash light to go to the ports johns with. It has three settings low, high and UV. What ever you do, do not look at the inside of a porta john with UV! - Dov
  • A word of thanks is due to our neighbors to the south. When those of us who came to bear water at the armored ravine battle at Gulf Wars arrived, we found only one fighter support station far down the field. A number of folks carried in bottles, but once empty, the trip back to the station would be long, and our fighters would be dry. Enter the Calontiri crew behind us. Throughout the battle, one gentle in particular spent her time filling bottle after bottle from a hose. They let us clean bottle tops in their disinfection station, they refilled our bottles from their supply of gatorade, and they offered the hose to cool off overheated fighters. That the Northshield army was hydrated and able to stay in the fight on such a hot day was a testament to the support of our friends from Calontir. - Bayard
  • Kind Friends, It is with a joyous heart that I would like to Thank all of the Volunteers who helped out with Cry Heralds this season at Gulf Wars XXIV.They are as follows: From Trimaris: Gareth de Taunton Meridies: Celeste De Montmorency Calontir: Nessica Chearnaigh, Johan Steinarsson Ansteorra: Ines Alfon, Paedrik O’Mullan, Ivo Blackhawk, Ros Marinos, Aesilief All of your Kingdoms should be Oh-So-Proud of all of you for giving of your time & efforts! Without such gems as yourselves, Cry Heralds could not exist. You are the reason that your Kingdoms shine!YiS, M. Jalali of Salamis, OL; Dept. Head Cry Heralds “We tell “em where to go!!”
  • I wanted to thank the Kingdom of Calontir for the hospitality it showed me while at Gulf Wars. It was a pleasure to camp with such a fine and noble kingdom. - Sixtus Goetz, Squire to Duke Garick

> >

  • To everyone who helped Matt/Germanicus, thank you.

> > I’ve always felt my son was growing up in the best village possible, surrounded by intelligent, caring people with excellent senses of humor. At times when Rolf, Martino or myself were not available, or perhaps not the best choice to help him with a particular problem, I knew there was someone in his world who was, and would be there for him. This truth was driven home over the last week. > > Matt/Germanicus had an epic week at Gulf Wars. He got to fight every day, hang out with friends, serve the kingdom and generally enjoy spring break his senior year of high school in the best way he could imagine. > > As most of you know, during the fort battle last Friday he had a little too much fun charging in and broke his leg. At a time when I was hundreds of miles away and Rolf was not on the field his village took care of him. Not just because it was Matt and they love him, but because it is simply what our village does for anyone in need. It is telling that only after Baron Magnus had stabilized the leg did he realize to whom the leg belonged. > > Germanicus is headed for surgery on Thursday to install a plate and some screws. With luck he may be able to walk across the stage at Graduation without crutches. But either way he will always have fond memories of this campaign. > > Again, Thank you. > Ariel

In Memorium: The Calontir Falcons - See also Calontir Falcons.