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General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Date: March 14-22, 2020 - CANCELLED because of Covid-19 novel corona virus
  • Location: King's Arrow Ranch, Lumberton, MS
  • Registration Refunds

Theme: The War That Never Was (originally was to be "30th Anniversary Celebration")

"During the Reign of Michael II and Rebekka II on the throne of Ansteorra, is was desirous that there be a treaty formed between the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Kingdom of Meridies, then ruled by Stephen I and Jacqueline I. In a true period fashion, the Crowns of those kingdoms chose to seal the treaty with the marriage of a prominent peer from each realm.
At the Known World Heraldic Symposium, held in the Barony of Elfsea in June of AS 25, the Crown of Meridies presented Mistress Siobhan ni Bhreoghain to be given in marriage to Master Edwin FitzLloyd to seal the treaty. As her Dowry, the Crown of Meridies offered up the lands of Trimaris. In return, Ansteorra presented its interests in the Barony of Three Rivers as the bride price."

Classes & Competition/s[edit | edit source]

Virtual War Bard Competition

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Singing[edit | edit source]



Tuesday's Town Battle[edit | edit source]

Tuesday Town Battle


As your virtual XO, General Snorri has asked me to share the battle plan for today. As you can see, it is far too clever to fail twice.

We march in a few minutes. Check your gear, check your friends, make sure you get a drink of water, and muster on the road. To Battle!

Wednesday's Ravine Battle[edit | edit source]

Wednesday Ravine Battle Plan

GOOOOOOOD MORNING, CALONTIR! Today is Ravine Battle Day at #virtualgulfwars2020, muster at the Royal Pavilion no later than 10 AM! 4th Company would also appreciate any and all assistance at this time - but DO take all precautions and wash your hands! Those distributing pickles and oranges, surgical gloves will be provided!

Okay fighters, virtual XO here again. Nigh on up. Let me share General Snorri’s plan with you. As you can see, we’re using the short axis of the ravine this year. I know, I know, just roll with it.

This plan is way more clever than anything they might suspect. Please commit it to memory, because we don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. Basically, we just need to grab the banners and hang onto them. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Any questions? Good. Grab your gear and prepare to march. Leave your spare weapons on the edge of the field near camp in case you need them. We’re going around the long way so that we can get at least one song in. Let’s get the banners to the fore and march!

Oh, and one more thing. Due to a glitch in the Virtual Gulf Wars GPU, anyone wearing purple has been rendered invisible to archers. They hope to get this repaired by tomorrow, and they apologize for the inconvenience.

Thursday's Bridge Battle[edit | edit source]

Thursday's Bridge Battle Plan

This is a bridge battle. As expected, we’ve been asked to take the center bridge. This is way too clever to fail twice. We need to get past the Glory Zone at the center, and then set up our Massive Impenetrable Shieldwall. I can see that we have all 38 scutums and 127 scutari. You’ve all practiced this, so let’s do it the way we did it at Winter War Maneuvers.

There’s archery in this, so Archers, grab your bows.

Artillery, pair up with a shield — we need to have at least one pole or greatsword with each shield. Know your buddy’s name. Guy on the left and right — be prepared to let the spears in or out on command.

After they’ve thinned themselves out by throwing wave after wave at our Massive Impenetrable Shieldwall, listen for the command and we’ll finish this off. Be sure to echo commands while you move — it’s hard to hear under the wall.

Okay, any questions? Good. Make sure your gear’s on the truck, get a drink, and let’s line up on the road. We move in five minutes.

Who’s got the banners?

David le Neu, you're the baby Fyrd. Grab the banner.
Better stay on guard... somebody brought battle musicians. I can hear them from the other side of the field!

Now we've got dueling battle musicians... Wolgemut is here!!!

Friday's Field and Castle Battles[edit | edit source]

Friday Field Battle
Friday Castle Battle
Friday Castle Defense Plan

Fighters! Please form on your General (Clark Winslow) to hear about today’s battles.

I see that you all survived the party last night — that’s good! I thought there would be more casualties during Huscarl Hockey and Scutum Races, and I figured several of you were goners when the Spearamid fell. But here at Virtual Gulf, there are no hangovers and you’re invulnerable!

We’re fighting twice today. The first is a field battle. This will be run five times, but we’ll be doing basically the same thing each time, just in different directions. Now, they will clearly never suspect this. First, we will advance to contact. Then, we’ll rain down agonizing death upon them (in a friendly manner). Afterward, we will reform. Finally, we will re-acquire a target and repeat. We’re going to be highly mobile because at Virtual Gulf Wars, your knees never hurt. We’re going to need lots of Scutari because we are charging right up amongst them into the thick of it.

For the castle, certain entrances open at various times in the battle, but we’re allowed to force the gates with a battering ram. We’re just storming in the gates and slaying them mightily. The breach will open ten minutes after the start, but we’re not going to need that much time because of our intrinsic mightiness. A word about ramps. Ramps are terrible. Even virtual ramps. Don’t go there.

Questions? Good! Let’s prepare to move!

Comment from the Peanut Gallery: "Speak for yourself with the no virtual hangovers. I am keeping my shield high. I don't care if they kill me, but not letting them hit me in the head with this hangover."

Saturday's Mother of All Battles[edit | edit source]


I hope you are rested from the Known World Party last night - and if I may say so, Duncan Eardstapa and Gwendolyn Sweezey looked absolutely divine in their Thor and Sif costumes. But the War is not over yet! Yes, you guessed it, today is...

The Mother Of All Battles!!!

4th Company preparations are already underway; those members who have not yet made their way to Hastings Field Fighter Support, please do so at this time! All Calontir warriors, muster at the Royal Pavilion no later than 10 AM, the Mother Of All Battles will commence at 11 AM whether you are there or not!!!

This is our last big push before the end of #virtualgulfwars, so let's make this a brilliant showing! Calontir has racked up war points like never before, so let's make TRM Lucian Fidelis and Tamar Atia Albia Tamara proud!

Thank you!

#virtualcampcry - Johann Steinarsson

Saturday Mother of All Battles

Fighters! Virtual XO here one last time for #VirtualGulfWars2020. I see many of you survived the Eat It, Drink It, Burn It party - excellent!

We’re all tired and sore, but we didn’t come here to *not* fight, so let’s gear up for one last battle. This one’s the MoAB, which I believe is a Saxon word meaning “Weird-Ass.”

Here is General Snorri’s plan. This is the most clever plan of all. Be aware that the resurrection flag (purple stars) moves, so if we don’t want to drag our sorry asses too far to get back to Rez, we have to kill them.

We’ll start in the field with a “Get ‘em” maneuver. After that, we need to clear out the redoubts and village area. By this time, we’ll be ready to cross the bridge. This is a timed battle, so we have to not stop there. Just charge across. Chiv have their own route across the ford — we’re not going to thin our forces out too much since we’re Chiv-heavy, but Ashir’s (Heath Clifton) going to stop anything they might send across.

We have a two-minute break when we storm the castle while we wait for the gate to open. We can go in the breach, but unless we think we can break through in less than two minutes, we’re just going to seal them up in there. Once the gate opens, we slay mightily until we fall into an exhausted heap in the center.

After taking the castle, the battle’s over and we can march home victoriously!

Everybody ready for this? Awesome! Grab your gear one last time and let’s move out!

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