Gulf Wars 2019

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General Information[edit | edit source]

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Highlights:[edit | edit source]

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Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

On the field Wednesday (March 13):

  • Visvamitra Yavana – Iren Hirth
  • Charles Vaux – Iren Hirth
  • Ragnar of Grimfells – Iren Fyrd
  • Anton Rhaghelan – Stile Fyrd

In Royal court Thursday (March 14):

  • Nest Ffynnon – Calon Cross
  • Asa Lufa – Leather Mallet
  • Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd – King’s Favor
  • Scarlet Rose of Oakheart – Queen’s Chalice
  • Lawrence Taillefer the Leech – Sword of Calontir

On the field Friday (March 15):

  • Brynjólfr Fálkason – Iren Fyrd
  • Germanicus – Iren Fyrd

Other court tidings:

  • A boon was begged on the Stile field for Master Alan Smyith of Darkdale to join the Order of Defense.

Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

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Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • From Jenna of Southwind Dale
After the Period Soup Kitchen on Thursday at Gulf Wars, TRM Calontir went to witness the Champion's Battle. People were asked to bring natural light sources such as lanterns for the 6pm court. The day had been mostly cloudy although the brisk wind sometimes brushed the clouds away from the sun for a few minutes. TRM and Their retinue clearly wanted to be ready for heavy overcast and dim lighting. So of course the provided lanterns were not needed.
This is not an official court report. I will almost certainly forget things and names and the order of events:
TRM began by thanking everyone for coming to the war. The courtyard was completely filled by the populace come to court, a scene which His Majesty said always moved him.
A Queen's Chalice was given to a young lady who had to tell TRM Calontir that she already had the award (apparently the OP was not accurate on that point). As all the rest of the Order came forward Her Majesty announced that the young lady is now Queen's Chalice squared. I noticed that by asking forward the entire Order, the kneeling group included adults now raising their own children. His Majesty noticed that the front of a group was pretty clean-cut but degenerated to the level of the Bad Kids in the Back. (Knights, royal peers, those sort of rowdies.)
Our site steward/landocrat thanked the populace for working so well, and his staff for working so hard. There was much applause for the one who had killed the fire ants.
Heidi got a Leather Mallet, and Nest got a Calon Cross. Something like eight newcomers were given mugs and commended, as they had all jumped right in to work as well as play.
The Iren Fera were called up, and a very large number processed into court. A letter was read from one of their number, a most noble Ansteorran, hight Cameron Lewis, who could not come to the war. Remember that this court was taking place on Thursday. The letter stated that the gentleman heard on Sunday about the theft of TRM'S truck and trailer including a set of crowns. He had set down and made a very nice pair of adjustable field crowns, and gotten them done in time to be hand-carried to the war. They are lined in what looks like sheepskin of a golden brown by one Amy Rich and have the Calon Crosses standing tall thanks to rather clever jeweler's work, and come with a nice wooden box. His Majesty warned the spokesman for the Fera, "You make me cry in my own court, I'll banish you". " Banished! " exclaimed the spokesman. "One for the bucket list!" and he shared an exuberant high-five with the Fera next to him.
Our General described how well our new scutae shields had worked (much to the dismay of our foes!) He announced that a member of the populace had donated ten of the shields which was a splendid gift that made all the fun possible. He called forward Doc of Vatavia. Many years had passed since the man named Goodleech had been able to be active in the kingdom, but clearly he has gone right back to his behaviour of old when I first met him over thirty years ago. Our General gave Doc a personal gift of a signet ring of his own house, which was very moving to Doc, as I could tell from my seat in the front row quite within arm's reach.
Then His Majesty stood and spoke of the impression the new shields had made on every single enemy commander. He spoke of how generous Doc had been. The Herald read royal words of the Crown's regard of the Old Warrior, Wise One. And the royal words read told how Their Majesties Calontir were pleased to bestow upon Doc the Sword of Calontir. As His Majesty embraced His friend of old the populace gave a standing ovation to a man I have never seen look so abashed and overwhelmed.
The Fourth Company were given wonderful little wooden spoons by the head of the Soup Kitchen, and various nice little items from the Queen's own hands. Then the good souls who had spent their war sewing garb for Their Majesties who had been left with nothing to wear, were called forward and offered a choice of bottles of wine or largess items, again from the Queen's own hands. His Majesty gave his own very heartfelt thanks, stating that the garb made had kept Him from having to wear Hirsch's underwear. This was not a concept anyone present wanted to think about.
Our beautiful brand-new Royal Pavilion was pointed out, and everyone who had helped with it was called forward. Although there were several people involved the truth is that Mistress Rhianwen the Oaf had worked so hard on the project that she was doing things like taking it on business trips so she would work on it during her so-called leisure time. This meant she had to pack the parts and thread needles etc AND a sewing machine INTO HER LUGGAGE TO FLY TO ALASKA.
His Majesty in trying to thank Rhianwen pointed out that she'd been given the best awards available a decade ago and yet she keeps working. His voice sounded suspiciously rough as He lamented that He couldn't do what she deserved, but He would give her the one award left that He could give. The Herald then read a scroll on which His Majesty's own words were beautifully written, bestowing upon Rhianwen the King's Favor.
Again the populace rose to give a standing ovation.
In all, this was a court full of emotions, the best of them. It was worth my entire trip to see.