Gulf Wars 2017

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12-19 March 2017 Location: King's Arrow Ranch, Lumberton, MS Royalty: TRM Ashir and Ashland

Event Steward:


Pre-registration: Muster: Volunteer Sign-up:

Calontir Party: Wednesday at 8 pm with Mongolian Wrestling in the ravine (coordinated by Lady Bronwen de Westhold) Calontir Court: Thursday at 6 pm

Notes from the Land Agent, Baron Magnus:

  • First, I won't need your [tent] dimensions. Gulf Wars is SO crowded there is no way I can lay it out at all.
  • Second, while land allotment is 225 sq ft, we do not get enough land for everyone to have their full allotment. Calontir is land locked. The number of people exceeds the amount of land. Plus the space for the courtyard and Kingdom Pavilion come out of our total land which reduces individual land even further.
  • What we do is bring the tents and things we need...but not the extra tents or the biggest tent we own or sunshades for everyone. We bring the smallest one that will work for us and we share sunshades. We cross ropes of tents to get them as close together as possible. The paths through the tents get tricky but by being that tight we can get everyone in.
  • It's not as bad as it may sound. We're used to it and we're family. We camp close and we share. I've met most of my best friends this way!
  • I'll be there when you arrive at Gulf so make sure to check in when you arrive and I'll help you find space for your camp.
  • Safe trip and see you there!


Unofficial Court Reports:

  • On the field:

> (at the Calontir party Wednesday night) > @Bronwen de Westhold – Silver Hammer

  • (on the archery range Thursday morning)

> Tigernan Flann – Boga Fyrd

  • (larger field court Thursday)

> Cerric aet Blaecac – Iren Fyrd > @Ívarr fótviss – Iren Fyrd > Aethelred the Well Read – Iren Fyrd > @Ulfr Thyrison – Stile Fyrd > Aiden O’Seaghdha – Chivalry > A boon was begged for @Duncan Fearmac MacLeod to join the Order of the Pelican

  • Thursday evening court:

> @Caleb Talbot – AoA > @Aileth Semere – Golden Calon Swan > William Fletcher of Carbery – Silver Hammer > @Luther of Grimfells – AoA > @Juan Hector Valdez – AoA > Anna Plantyn – Torse > @Wilhelm of Flinthyll, called Vim – AoA > @Wren of Flinthyll – AoA > @Elizabeth St. Phillipe – Torse > A boon was begged for Miranda Logansdottir to join the Order of the Pelican. > A boon was begged for Catalina de Arazuri to join the Order of the Pelican.

  • On the field:

> (on the equestrian field Friday morning) > Anton von Hagenstein – Eo Fyrd > @Sato Jiro of the House of Kuji – Calon Cross > @Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru – Calon Cross

  • (on the battlefield Friday afternoon)

> @Garick von Köpke – Order of the Archaic Fewmet > @Alric upplendingr – Chivalry


Comments and Impressions: