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Mellitus of Rouncivale[edit | edit source]

Waterbearing in Calontir began under the guidance of Baroness Finola O'Clery. Finola gathered a core of Calontir waterbearers who would travel to events in events and foreign wars, carrying with the tubes and jugs and Gatorade they needed for the fighters. In those days, if Finola or one of her team did not go to an event, there usually was no waterbearing.

During Countess Miriam's term as Kingdom Chiurgeon, waterbearing became a formal activity under the Chiurgeonate and Finola was the first official Kingdom Waterbearing Coordinator. At the end of her term, I became the second to hold that office and we began to further formalize activities and put the responsibility of provisioning waterbearing under the event stewards and local groups.

This model is still in place, even though the official office of Waterbearing Coordinator no longer exists. I think that this speaks highly of how committed Calontir is to taking care of its fighters and populace.

Finola kept working with the waterbearers after her term of office. I remember her telling me before Pennsic XX or XXI that she'd gotten a deal on cup of soup at a wholesale/retail place and brought it with her to the War. She and Mistress Jenna began serving soup after the battles at the Pennsic and thus began the Calontir Soup Kitchen. For many years, Finola and Jenna provisioned the Soup Kitchen and served at foreign wars. Just as waterbearing, the Soup Kitchen quickly became a part of Calontir's army and its traditions. Soon, both the waterbearers and the Soup Kitchen became recognized at Calontir's Fourth Company.

This is the history of the Fourth Company as I remember it. Mellitus of Rouncivale

Eloise Montgomery[edit | edit source]

What a lot of newcomers don't realise is that General Finola and her adjutant, Colonel Jenna, funded the soup kitchen for a good many years out of their own pockets as well as with donations and fund raisers. I was pleased to be allowed to be a part of the fund raising effort at Kris Kinder each year while I was still able to go out and about.

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