First Calontir Crown Tourney

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Date: February 18th, 1984 (Kingdom Day)


Royalty: HRM Alen (Midrealm),

Event Steward:

From Stefan's Florilegium:

Combatants[edit | edit source]

The First Crown Tourney Sword Oath

from the bottom right going up (?):

  • Humpk, Ternon, Erich, Aesgir, Lars, Juan, Alan/Ethelred The Jute,
  • Steffan, Valens, Beouf, Roger, Zevak, Thomas, Tion, Chepe
  • Aethelred, Beck, Brom. Kenniqura

From Valens: "I posted this picture with the idea that with the 70th crown tournament coming up it would be nice to look back. I am surprised by the response and how memories have been revisited. My greatest memory is that for most of us it didn't seem that important regarding who won as long as someone won and we had a kingdom. I think the right person won that day for the history of Calontir. It is nice how things sometimes work out that way. The tournament was held six weeks after I had been in a oil field explosion that messed up a knee, one elbow and both shoulders. Doctors tried to keep me off the field but it seemed important to be part of the day. One of the great things was that while my friends were going to kill me, that was pretty easy to do, they tried to kill me in the most gentle and non-damaging way possible. Only in the SCA!"

Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • Hywela was helping Gabe duct tape rabbit fur into the newly arrived Coronation Crowns.</span>
  • Thora Sigurdsdottir was in the kitchen peeling/chopping 50 lb of onions and got her first of three AoA from the new King and Queen.
  • Feast was delayed by various disasters. Erlich du Battenhelm jumped in and tried to save the feast, and then demanded nice things for the cooking crew from the brand new King and Queen.
  • I was there, I was a blizzard that day... my mom was the autocrat so I kinda had to go! I remember the finals and I remember it was freaking hot the gym, I don't remember where it was though. -Tim Schuler
  • I actually came a day early and took a hotel room, so I'd be SURE I got to the tourney in time. Some of the horrible road stories I heard suggest that this wasn't the worst idea I ever had. - Brock Hanke
  • Valens, I remember you and Susannah squeezing half of Bois D'Arc into your hotel room. And how terrifying Alarba was that weekend! - Becca Kathryn Martin Brown
  • We Grimfellers set out at about eleven on Friday morning, as the Frozen North was a 9-hour drive in those days of 55-mph speed limits and no interstate between Fayetteville and KC. We were in two cars, eight of us I believe. I drove our car a good chunk of the way; Alarba drove the other car, I think, all the way. We got into Lincoln at about 9 p.m., not too bad considering the weather the last part of the trip. We regarded it as a veritable Arctic expedition. I remember we grabbed a meal at a fast-food restaurant (an early lunch) before departing, and when it came to ordering drinks, bathroom breaks were briefly discussed and then Fionna said, "Mediums all around!" - Elasait inghen Diarmata
  • Three of us started out from St. Louis in Bartholomew Landovers truck. We got about 30 minutes outside of town, and his truck. just. quit. He got out, looked under the hood, fiddled around a bit, swore a bit, and then walked over to the side of the road, pulled up this small sapling, and beat the hell out of the truck for about 5 minutes. After that, we got a ride back to St. Louis, got my car, and got underway again. - Fiondel :D - Fio
  • Bran and I ware in Alarba’s car, packed like sardines. Damn near the most fun I’ve ever had. - Lisa Allendorph
  • “The Flying Flatrock Brothers” Incident... - Hywela
  • I remember seeing so many of those people when I authorized in the College of Gnomountain in the fall before this Crown. I remember the stories that Andrixos brought back, including his adventure getting there. I would then have the honor of fighting under the falcon banner for King Chepe at Pennsic. That time was magical for this young fighter at the fringe of Calontir. - Ixtilixochitl de los Indios