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Mistress Elizabeth Darnley, called Bess

Persona:[edit | edit source]

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History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Timeline:

When started in SCA: Fall of 1985 in the Shire of Wolf's Gate Link to Calontir OP - http://op.calontir.org/persona.php?p=3420 East Kingdom OP - https://op.eastkingdom.org/op_ind.php?atlantian_id=1049

  • Groups and Affiliations:

Current Group: Canton of Distant Shore Previous Groups: Canton of Seashire, Shire of Dun Ard, Barony of Forgotten Sea Guilds, Households, etc: Dabbler's Guild, Profungere Honesta Squire #2 to HE Duncan Bruce of Logan Laurel to HE Konstantia Kaloethina and Lady Sameera

Image courtesy of Falcon Banner
  • Offices

Regional Offices: Waiver Secretary and Minister of Arts & Sciences for the Crown Principality of Tir Mara

Other Information[edit | edit source]

Websites, photo-sharing, etc. Iren Fera from the Falcon Banner - http://falconbanner.gladiusinfractus.com/2016/09/15/iren-fera-scroll-for-elizabeth-darnley/

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