Ealdormere King's and Queen's Favor

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From Her Grace Adrielle 22 April 2016

Our impending Coronation has me thinking back to our first Coronation and the very first award we gave, and why we gave it. It was to the Kingdom of Calontir - because without them (back many many years ago) I would have left the SCA during a less happy time in my life. I would not have met the Nige, would not have been on the BoD, would not be a Laurel or a Pelican or Princess or Queen, or Fera or OAF.........or Wife to my awesome husband. So thanks again - I appreciate the ties between our Kingdoms more than I can express. Here are the words from that first Award from our first reign.........

Nigel and Adrielle, by grace of God Lupine King and Queen of Ealdormere, rulers of the inland seas, proud Iren Feran of Calontir on the day of Our coronation do send greetings to Our fair cousins of Calontir together with all Dukes, Counts, Earls, Barons and vassals of Calontir:

We know and from the chronicles and songs of the Known World that among all Kingdoms, Calontir has been graced with widespread renown. We, out of reverence and honor for our friends in Calontir in recognition of our long companionship as allies and friends, and in thanks for your generosity of spirit and deeds do we hereby declare to all that we bestow upon Calontir the award of the King’s Favour and that too of the Queen’s Favour and with this missive confirm to all the high esteem in which we hold Our gracious cousins dear.

It witness whereof We set our hand and seal this Feast of St Theodore, the 19th day of September Anno Societatis 44 [? 2009] being the first day of our reign.

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