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[[File:EadweardMemoriam.jpg|250px|right|by Konstantia Kaloethina]]
[[File:EadweardMemoriam.jpg|250px|right|The Memorial Shield Project]]
[[File:EadweardBoisewright.jpg|250px|right|Eadweard Boisewright]]
=Master Eadweard Boisewright=  
=Master Eadweard Boisewright=  

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The Memorial Shield Project
Eadweard Boisewright

Master Eadweard Boisewright


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In Memoriam

  • Unto the Kingdom of Calontir, it is my sorrowful duty to give this news from the surrounding lands of Forgotten Sea. The great wreath that is our Order of the Laurel is now one shining leaf lesser. Master Eadweard Boicerwright has passed this day, anno societataus 53. His loss to our Kingdom and Society cannot be sufficiently articulated. Let it be known that memorial services for those in the Kingdom are being planned by his students and close associates. Please also let it be known that there will be a memento on the Memorial Ship at Pennsic this year, and that arrangement has already been made. Thank you to all in this great time of sorrow for your love and condolences at this time. His wife, Marcella the Unknown, is currently taking time to make arrangements for mundane family. Please allow her this time to mourn and undertake this task. [We] will be working together to ensure that there is an opportunity to celebrate his life and mourn his loss for the Kingdom and Society at large. - Cassandra Sherman
  • I am so very sorry, and very sad. I had a great opportunity of him being my QPT sponsor last fall and my twins have stools that were made by him. He was such a great person. - Ameline de Coity
  • My heart is at a loss. He has been my SCA papa since Baron Bob died. The news reached KWHSS just before court. - Aidan Cocrinn
  • Sadness descends again, he made this Weaver my first loom. Rebecca la Chiene
  • I also bought my first loom from him, and my last. Antonia Stefani
  • He gave me a place to call home over and over and over again. I don't even know what to say. - Derdriu inghean Chomain
  • I talked with Marcella and he for hours at Odyssey. I will miss him horribly and deepest condolences to everyone else who loved him. - Daifi Isfihani
  • I dont even know where my life would be if not for his words of wisdom. I owe him so much.... - Isibil Edvinsdottir
  • He was a great teacher of many things, one being physical skill. The other and one I admired him much more for and it is the personality with which he lived and gave to others. -Tim Jones
  • I met Ed in my early days in Oakheart, and he's been a fixture in my SCA life ever since. I'm sad for Marcella and all of his family, students and fans. - Gustav Jameson
  • There are a few people who carve such a presence in Calontir that their loss creates such a huge gap in our world. Master Eadweard was one of those for me. - Mickey Anderson
  • This is a very sad day. Papa was a man who was generous with his time, words, and friendship and he will be sorely missed by me. - Marie la Faivre
  • One of the memories I have of Master Edward was when I was standing in the back of court with a lot of the rowdy kids. Joan Steurer took my red belt I could wrap around myself 3 times and wrapped it around Bryan James, then gave me the end and told me to pull hard! Jack tried to spin but his feet came off the ground and he took out Edward at about the knees. Ed fell on Jack and everyone was looking. I dropped the incriminating end of the belt, stepped back and tried to look like I hadn't just hit a laurel with another laurel. - Dov Benjamin
  • That is very sad news... Eadward was a Calontir icon... and I will miss him greatly... - Amanda Coldcastle
  • I just heard that our Brother, Master Eadweard, has passed over the Rainbow Bridge ..... Words currently fail me to adequately describe how much he will be missed ..... Brother you were my Teacher, Confidont, and Friend and we walked many roads together with Trust and Respect in each other's Hearts and that is so very hard to find in this World today ..... Please save me a seat at your table Brother and I will be with you again soon ..... Godspeed - Grimr
  • Heartbreaking news. There are many craftsmen in Calontir, but few could make me feel as if the shield right next to me has fallen. Thus is the void that this great warrior for craftsmanship now leaves. - Gerald Goodwine
  • I will miss Eadweard and his generosity of spirit. He helped me make several small bentwood boxes. When I tried to pay him for the wood, he gave me a big hug and said “no way!” I treasure these boxes and now they are even more precious. - Caitlin nic Raighne
  • Eadward was one of the first Calontiri to encourage me to pursue A&S, and would come talk to me at every event I saw him at, just to see how my projects were going. He was very encouraging and I so much appreciated him for that. - Aelin Kausi
  • Today I learned that my old friend, Ed Kenney (Master Eadeward) has passed. Another friend I haven't been able to see frequently, in fact it's been about two years since I last saw him. I will never forget you. Your laughter, your wisdom, and your friendship. Be at peace now my friend. - Alexander Adelbrecht
  • Master Eadweard’s passing has made me think about why I DO enter Arts and Sciences competitions.

You see, about 5 years ago, I came back from a decade long break from the SCA. I’d been a teen/young adult in Ansteorra before, without the means or knowledge to Art or Science (and thus my passion for sharing these skills with children today!). I had had a simple card weaving project that I’d stashed in a Ziploc bag all those years ago, and when I decided to come back, I finished it in short order. My new shire – Cum an Iolair – encouraged me to enter a card weaving project in the Queen’s Prize Tournament that year. I spent weeks looking at various card weaving patterns, different things possible to use the strips of weaving for, and trying to figure out how to get supplies. Being “new”, the only class I’d ever taken on card weaving was one when I was probably about 20, I’d been “loaned” the cards… the same cards that were still in my Ziploc box when I came back (yep, I did, faithfully, attempt to find the owner of the cards and return them). I got a book to help, I practiced many of the techniques and patterns, and then set about my project. The bag was well received by my judges. I don’t remember who my judges were, but they were very appreciative of my project, and I was glad to have had them – they encouraged me, they discussed any troubles I’d had, where to find additional skills in that area, and most of all, encouraged me to find historically accurate patterns and sources – being brand new, it had not clicked in my brain that there might be extant weavings, surviving looms, proof that wool and linen were used to create these things, that I could have looked to, instead of just pretty modern things on Pinterest. If you were my judge for that competition, I appreciate you!!! More than the good experience with the judges, though, was Master Eadweard. Here I was, one lone new person in a huge room full of strangers, all busy with other things, and very few people I actually knew. After my judging session was done, and the room was cleared out a bit, Master Eadweard approached me gently, introduced himself, and explained that he was a woodworker, and loves to make shuttles and looms for weavers. He had noticed that I’d made a fine item, and the tools I’d had to do it – I’d had them on display, as I had seen the other weavers displaying their tools – I had a homemade loom that my little brother had made me, the tension bar broke off within minutes of use, so I’d been tying scrap bands around the weaving to keep it tight – and, most of all, my “shuttle” I was using. It was a piece of plastic canvas, cut out in a shuttle-like shape, because I didn’t know any better and figured it was sufficient. Master Eadweard had made a pair of shuttles to gift to entrants. To be the recipient of one – from a complete stranger – just because I’d entered a competition, was beyond what I’d thought was possible. I had no idea a shuttle was easily obtained, and at such a small cost – I only knew that the plastic canvas sort of worked for me, so I had used it, not knowing any better. My world grew one person greater that day, but it was a big jump, by far. Master Eadweard Boisewright will be sorely missed in this kingdom and so very many others, and in his memory, I would love to see us all make something simple to gift to new entrants that need them – no matter how simple, no matter how easily obtained they are otherwise – at Kingdom Arts and Sciences. Yes, if you can’t make your own, store bought is fine. Make a difference in the life of someone new, someone new to a skill, someone that may need that encouragement in their lives at just that moment. - Lee Gill