Crucible at the Crossroads

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General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Date:
  • Location:
  • Royalty:
  • Event Steward:
  • Theme:

Inn[edit | edit source]

Baker's Guild will be holding an Inn/Fundraiser.


  • Roman-style beef or chicken meatballs, served with flatbread, pita, or “naked” (you choose!) with various dipping and dressing sauces.
  • Hand-held meat pies
  • Fried Squash
  • “Onion Straws”
  • Assorted vegetables, fresh fruits, and cheese
  • Assorted breads
  • Small dessert pies
  • Tea, Lemonade (both regular and Lavender)

The Inn will be run on a "donations" basis, with the proceeds going to purchase the materials for a shade fly, for the bakers to use while they continue to provide yummy things!

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Unto all Duncans, current and former, real and imaginary, does Duncan Prime issue this summons.

  • Good Duncans, Their Excellencies of Forgotten Sea and Vatavia have asked me, Duncan Prime to act as Their Magnate at the upcoming Crucible at the Crossroads. I am calling all other Duncans to join me in this great endeavor.
    • Did you ever fight in the Duncan Tournament at Lilies? Then come fight as a Duncan again!
    • Do you wish you COULD have fought as a Duncan? Now is your chance!
    • Did you ever watch the Duncan Tournament and cheer on the combatants? Then come and lend your efforts again, to the true side, the Duncan side.
    • Did you ever cook for the Duncans (I’m looking at YOU Gabbie)? Then come and cook for them again in the cooking competition!
    • Are you too young to remember the Duncan Tournament? Then come and participate in the youth activities as a Duncan and see how wonderful it feels to be a Duncan!
  • The number of Duncans has dwindled over the years. Now is the time to step forward, proclaim your Duncan-hood, and join me in claiming the crossroads so all Duncans may travel freely throughout Calontir.
  • In service to Calontir and Duncans everywhere, — Duncan Prime — Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan

Denizens of Triatia, hearken unto me!

  • I, Baron Logan, Triatian Overlord by rightful conquest, and confirmed in that station by Their Royal Majesties Anton and Isabeau, do invite all of you to join me at the Crucible at the Crossroads.
  • Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea and Their Excellencies Vatavia have jointly declared me Their Magnate,to lead Their forces both on and off the field to claim the crossroads of Calontir as our own.
  • In the days of our great-great-grand-sires did the forces of Triatia, formed of Forgotten Sea, Carlsby, and Crescent Moon, join with those of Vatavia to claim our rightful ownership of all things Three. (Let’s not argue about who killed who to form that alliance. That’s all in the past.) Now, once again has Three Rivers challenged the forces of Triatia to come and claim that which is ours by right. For after all, what is a crossroads but the place where Three roads (plus another one.) come together? And do we not adore and defend (and covet) all things Three? Are they not ours to claim?
  • I call on the archers, the artisans, the banner makers, the cooks, the equestrians, the fighters, the nobles, the peasants, the servers, and the youth to come and compete. There will be activities for everyone, and all are welcome!

So come to the Crucible at the Crossroads in Puddleford and help Triatia defend that which we hold dear!

  • In Service to Three, and the greater glory of Calontir, I remain — Logan — Overlord of Triatia

Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

In evening court:

Other court tidings:

  • The Barony of Shattered Crystal team won the day.
  • 12 newcomers received mugs.
  • Lord Ren Jie will be the new Social Media Officer.
  • Many good gentles received War Certificates from RUSH.

Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

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Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

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