Crown Tourney 2019, Spring

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The Sword Oath

General Information[edit | edit source]

The List:[edit | edit source]

Sir Mathieu Chartrain fighting for Duchess Aislinn Morcroft

Duke Tristram of Lindesfarne fighting for Mistress Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd

Duke Anton Rhaghelan fighting for Lady Yseult de Michel

Duke Hirsch Ross Eichmann fighting for Duchess Magdalena Vander Meere

Sir Erich Hlodwechssun fighting for  Mistress Elasait ingen Diarmata

Sir Duncan Mac Torquill fighting for Honorable Lady Maria Arosa De Santa Olalla

Sir Gavin O'Shannon fighting for Lady Elizabet Walker of Paisley

Sir Cilian Mac Marroo fighting for Honorable Lady Bronwen de Westhold

Sir Titus Decimius Alexander fighting for Lady Cordellia Uxor Alexander

Sir Maren Þorskapitr fighting for Honorable Lord Saito Takauji

Lord Aed mac Cormaic Ua Feidhlim fighting for Mistress Aidan Cocrinn

Mistress Katherine Von Heilige fighting for Lord Ren Jie

Lord Ren Jie fighting for Mistress Katherine Von Heilige

Honorable Lord Zachariah MacDonald fighting for Lady Mel McAlpin

History Museum of Calontir[edit | edit source]

Unto the Kingdom of Calontir does Baroness Slaine send greetings.

At Crown Tourney on April 13th in the Barony of Three Rivers there will be a museum dedicated to the history of Calontir. Please bring historical artifacts, curiosities, and wonders which tell the story of Calontir - freon can helmets, early AoA scrolls, event flyers from well-loved past events, etc.

Take a minute to write out what you know of the history of the item. (Ahead of time is great or I’ll have note cards and pens available the day of.) Items that are larger such as furniture or banners please let know so that I can arrange the proper space.

We learn so much about medieval history by way of material culture. What does the material culture of Calontir say about us? What have we learned?

"Then and Now" Arts & Sciences Competition[edit | edit source]

As we celebrate the 35 anniversary of our Kingdom, this competition is to recognize how we as a kingdom and as individuals have grown.

We are looking for two items per person, an early example of your craft and a more recent example. For each item, please provide at least a 3x5 card of documentation. Additionally, please provide at least a 3x5 card explaining how you've improved in your research, skills, material, tools, periodness, and/or technique between these two items.

Entrants will be separated in judging by award level (Novice/AOA, GOA, Laurel) so don't worry about how long you've been doing your craft! There will be prizes.

Please enter! Share your growth, improve the kingdom, show the newer members we all started somewhere! (If I can find it, I have my first tunic....seersucker acetate table cloth--Hand sewn!)

If you have any questions, please contact myself or HL Rochwen.

Yours in Service, Lady Amba allrasystir

Feast[edit | edit source]

The feast for Calontir Spring Crown, in honor of Calontir’s 35th birthday, is an early Anglo-Saxon one fit for those of us who remember the days when we were known as the wearers of dirty brown wool.

The dishes that do not say they are meat or dairy don’t contain any, and all veg-based dishes will be available without meat or dairy for those who wish – this unabashed carnivore believes in being vegan-friendly. Please let troll know when you register if you are meatless for the feast, and you’ll get a little bundle of herbs to set at your table to let the servers know.

Yours, Elspeth Modlen ferch Daffydd

1st Borde[edit | edit source]

Hard-boiled Eggs

Olives & Pickles

Bread and Cheese

Fresh Butter

Bean Butter

2nd Borde[edit | edit source]

Greens with Bacon

Cabbages in Cream

Roast Chicken with Green Garlic Sauce

Gleaner’s Pottage

3rd Borde[edit | edit source]

Barley with Leeks and Mushrooms

Shoulder of Pork with Mustard Cream

Roast Roots and Apples

4th Borde[edit | edit source]

Spiced Fruit

Barley cakes


Vegan accommodative[edit | edit source]

greens no bacon

cabbage no cream

gleaner’s pottage no chicken

roast roots & apples no pork

barley cakes no butter

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

  • Insert here

Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

On the field:

Evening court:

Other court tidings:

Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

  • Vilhelm Lich - I have put the videos that I took at Crown on YouTube. Search under "Calontir Crown Tournament".

Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

Play by Play:[edit | edit source]

The Combat Tree
  • Gavin moves on from the bye fight
  • Katherine defeats Hirsch
  • Mathieu defeats Eric
  • Maren defeats Zachariah
  • Cilian defeats Aed
  • Anton defeats Ren Jie
  • Duncan defeats Xandre
  • Tristram advances from the bye fight

—-Begins Secondary tree——

  • Hirsch advances from his bye fight
  • Eric defeats Zachariah, Zachariah exits the tournament.
  • Ren Jie defeats Aed.  Aed exits the tournament.
  • Xandre advances from his bye fight (after a very humorous sword fail from the bye fighter!)
  • —-Back to Primary tree—
  • Gavin defeats Katherine
  • Mathieu defeats Maren
  • Anton defeats Cilian
  • Tristram defeats Duncan

—-Secondary tree again—-

  • Erich defeats Katherine. Katherine exits the tournament.
  • Hirsch defeats Maren. Maren exits the tournament
  • Xandre defeats Cilian. Cilian exits the tournament. (There was a slight switch in ordered pairs)
  • Ren Jie defeats Duncan. Duncan exits the tournament.
  • Erich defeats Hirsch. Hirsch exits the tournament (Gavin, Mathieu, Anton, Tristram, Erich, Xandre are left.)
  • Xandre defeats Ren. Ren exits the tournament

—-Back to Primary tree—

  • Mathieu defeats Gavin. Gavin moves to Secondary tree
  • Anton defeats Tristram. Tristram moves to the Secondary tree

—-last fights before semifinals—

  • Gavin defeats Xandre. Xandre exits the tournament
  • Tristram defeats Erich. Erich exits the tournament


    • Tristram vs Mathieu. Tristram must win twice
    • Gavin vs Anton. Gavin must win twice
  • Tristram vs Mathieu.
    • First win to Tristram. He must win one more time
    • Tristram advances
  • Anton vs Gavin.
    • Anton advances

Finals will be Tristram vs Anton

  • First round will be fought sword and shield.
    • Anton wins round one.
  • Second round will be axes
    • Anton wins!