Crown Tourney 2015, Spring

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[[|144x191px|right|HRH]]28 March 2015

Location Royalty: TRM Anton and Isabeau, TRH Xerxes and BelAnna

Event Steward: Sir Cai Dubhghlas


  • Count Damien McGavin for Contesse Issabell St Charles

> Master Jack Banyard for Mistress Cara Wythers > Riddari Halvgrimr Stormtossed for Baroness Gabriella Von Fredrichstahl > Sir Duncan McTorquil for Countess Fionna nic Alisdair > Sir Xerxes for Mistress BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou > Sir Colyne Grey for Lady Emma Marthokys > Sir Mar for Baroness Fionnuala inghean Fhearghuis > HL Jawhar ibn Akmel for Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah > HL Xandre for Lady Cordeilla uxor Alexander > HL ValdrickR inn danski for Lady Inga inn danski > HL Maren Þorskapitr for Master Owain ap Bleddyn y Llwyd > HL Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg for Lady Alessandra De Piro > Lady Amba Allrasystir for Lord Hrothgar the Smith > Lady Emma Marthokys for Sir Colyne Grey > Lord Zachariah Lochrie for Lady Aine nic Taillier >


  • Guillaume de la Sudeterre was invited into the Laurel
  • Baron Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason of Lonely Tower stepped down, and was made a Baron of the Court.

The Play-by-Play (courtesy of Rhodri and Ozurr):

  • 9:51am - Milling and chatting is happening
  • 10:12am - Getting closer. Combatants are at the list table and warmups are happening.
  • 10:35am - We've now crammed combatants and consorts in the orchestra pit to prepare for the procession.
  • 10:39am - Court opens.
  • 10:54am - Processional concluded, now time for the sword oath. (15 pairs in the tourney).
  • 10:59am - Tree being determined right now
  • 11:12am - Zach with a bye (vs. Jonathan Hogue), Amba v Xerxes, Jack v Jawhar are the first 3...
  • 11:16am - Victory to Jonathan, but Zach advances with the bye.
  • 11:17am - Xerxes legs Amba then kills her.
  • 11:19am - Jawhar kills Jack after a nice flurry.
  • 11:21am - MacTorquill legs Valdrick, then kills him with an off-side head shot.
  • 11:23am - Xandre and Damien leg each other and then Damien falls.
  • 11:25am - Colyne takes Halvgrimr's arm, then kills him.
  • 11:27am - Emma killed by Mar.
  • 11:28am - Hildebrand takes Maren with an offside snap. End of round one.
  • 11:29am - Amba vs. Jonathan in bye fight in first round of loser's tree. Amba killed, but advances.
  • 11:31am - Jack eliminates Valdrick.
  • 11:33am - Damien and Halvgrimr kill each other, then Damien eliminates Halvgrimr.
  • 11:35am - Emma legs, arms and eventually eliminates Maren.
  • 11:36am - Xerxes sends Zach to the loser's bracket. (First round of winner's bracket).
  • 11:38am - Jawhar and MacTorquil leg each other, then Jawhar is defeated after near double-kill.
  • 11:39am - Colyne slips the killing blow past Xandre's shield.
  • 11:41am - Mar legs Hildebrand then sends him to the loser's bracket with a great wrap.
  • 11:42am - Zach eliminates Jack with a head shot (starting 2nd round of loser's bracket).
  • 11:44am - Amba and Jawhar double-kill, then Amba legs and eliminates Jawhar.
  • 11:45am - Xandre legs Emma while she kills him in a brutal flurry of blows.
  • 11:47am - Damien eliminates Hildebrand with an offhand snap.
  • 11:49am - Back in the winner's bracket, Xerxes and MacTorquill double-kill, then Xerxes legs MacTorquil and advances with a belly thrust (after a short hold for sneezes) to the semi-finals.
  • 11:50am - Colyne and Mar leg each other, then Colyne advances to the semis with a wrap over the top.
  • 11:52am - Amba eliminates Zach from the loser's bracket with a head shot after legging each other.
  • 11:53am - Damian eliminates Emma with a nice wrap.
  • 11:54am - Mar eliminates Amba to get to the semi-final.
  • 11:56am - Damien and MacTorquill double leg, then Damien advances to the semis. "He floated like a butterfly, swung like a stout oak club."
  • 11:57am - Semi-final: Xerxes vs. Mar. Mar must win twice.
  • 11:59am - Mar legged, then killed with a face thrust. Xerxes advances to the finals.
  • 11:59am - Colyne vs. Damien. Damien must win twice.
  • 12:01pm - Colyne disarmed twice (once by accident).
  • 12:02pm - Damien wins the first bout.
  • 12:03pm - Damien and Colyne leg each other. Look tired.
  • 12:03pm - Damien advances with a bellly thrust.
  • 12:04pm - Finals: Damien vs. Xerxes, reach vs. speed
  • 12:08pm - Damien legged, then armed. Xerxes wins the first bout.
  • 12:08pm - Switch to great swords.
  • 12:09pm - Fighters regard their consorts.
  • 12:10pm - Xerxes has won. Third "Chalice Crown". -

Photos and Video:

Comments and Impressions:

  • Yesterday was my 1st SCA event I had a blast. I met some really fantastic people and still have a bunch to learn. Thank you Kingdom of Calontir for an awesome time. - David Woods
  • That was fun, Calontir! We were glad to get to see so many of you one last time! - Duchess Hywela