Crown Tourney 2014, Fall

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11 October 2014 Canton of Axed Root, Boone County Fairgrounds, Boone, IA On-line Flyer -

Royalty: King Agamemnon, Queen Gwen and the brand new heirs, TRH Anton and Isabeau

Event Steward: Lady Alexandra (Shandra) Vazquez de Granada, Deputies: Lady Maaline of Coeur d'Ennui and Lady Georgette Durning Feast Steward: HE Marie du Puy


> -Jarl Rorik Galbraith, King's man, Calontir.

  • Rose in any Medium Winner: Verena Naeherin
  • Award Medallions Largesse A&S Competition Winner: Lady Julia da Brescia

Court Report:

  • Otto von Wolfhagen - Torse
  • Tanaka Ujimori - Award of Arms
  • Binde Lavin - Award of Arms
  • Giovanni Loredan - Torse
  • Yasamin al-Hadiyya - Golden Calon Swan
  • Cassius Acillius Rufus (known as Voltz) - Queen's Chalice
  • Winnifred d'Artois - Calon Lily
  • Edward Blythe - Order of the Pelican
  • Cai Dubhglas announced for Chivalry


Comments and Impressions:

  • Jessica Jelinek - "After each battle yesterday in Crown (either after a win or a loss), my ears heard words of nothing but encouragement from each consort (that we were in earshot of) to the fighter that inspired them that day. Words and phrases ranging from “I’m VERY proud of you” to “You fought well, nicely done” to “That was a tough one I know, but you hung in there and looked good doing it”. THIS is Calontir to me. The uplifting of those that choose to fight for the right to wear the Crown of our Kingdom, and the uplifting of those that they have inspired made me smile. Encouragement, gratitude, inspiring, awe-struck; whatever you call it, let’s continue to thank those that inspire us, and those that we inspire."


  • Konstantia Gold Falcon - I have the best damn heralds in the Knowne World. Thank you to all who served as tourney heralds (or help) yesterday. For that, I would like to thank Dawi, Ujimori, Takauji, Zino, Ximena, Brigida, and Felix. [And Johan. And Giovanni for Silent Heraldry.] I would also like to thank those heralds at the consulation table, too. Thank you, Caoimhin, Gawain, Brigida, Dorcas, Sofya, and Ujimori. Please accept my humble apologies if I have forgotten a name.

> Calontir - your College of Heralds is amazing. >

  • Julia da Brescia - Had a Fantastic day at Crown watching the youth make 2D & 3D Mosaic art and hand bound note books. My thanks to [Macht] and Mistress Rose for their contributions of additional crafts, toys and books, including a commemorative Crown Tourney Activity Book! I hope they share their freshly honed skills with you all soon.