Coronation 2017, Winter

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22 January 2016 (rescheduled from the 14th because of the ice storm) Location: Kansas City Masonic Temple Royalty: TRM Logan and Ylva -> TRM Ashir and Ashland

Event Steward:

Event Flyer:


Unofficial Court Report:

  • Final business of Logan and Ylva:

> Alianora Jehannette des Amandiers – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction > Ayisha bint Asad – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction > Tola Rufusdóhtor – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction > HRM Ylva stated that all three had Her endorsement for Chivalry, Courtesy, and Ideals of the Society > Gawayne ap Tristam – King’s Favor, Responsible for HRM Logan staying in the SCA

  • First court of Ashir and Ashland:

> Sir Cilian Mac Marroo is the new King’s Champion. > Count Damien MacGavin is the new Queen’s Champion. > Duke Hirsch Ross Eichman and Duchess Sile O’Kyan (Sheelagh) were named to be Their Majesties’ Thegns.

  • On the field:

> Duncan Mac Torquill – Stile Hirth

  • Evening court:

> Cerric æt Blæcac (Cherik) – AoA > Alessandra de Piro – Calon Lily > Anton von Hagenstein – Silver Hammer > Rufus Tenstone – Silver Hammer > Gianna Viviani – AoA > Bragi Oddsson – AoA > Ylva Jonsdottir – County > Duncan Bruce of Logan – County > Seraphina Brugari – Calon Cross

> A boon was begged for Gyða glóra to join the Order of the Laurel. > A boon was begged for Titus Decimius Alexander (Xandre) to join the Order of Chivalry.


Comments and Impressions: