Coronation 2017, Summer

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8 July 2017 Location: Northeast United Church of Christ, 6200 Adams Street, Lincoln, NE 68507 Royalty: TRM Ashir and Ashland -> TRM Damien and Issabell

Event Steward:



Unofficial Court Report:

  • Final business of Ashir and Ashland:

> Sile O’Kyan – King’s Favor > Cerric aet Blaecac, Aethelred the Well Read, Yngvarr Oakson – King’s Favor > Alessandra de Piro – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Chivalry > @Ancelin de Briquessart – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Courtesy > Saito Takauji – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Ideals of the Society

  • First court of Damien and Issabell:

> Sir Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg is the new King’s Champion. > Mistress Maren Þorskapitr is the new Queen’s Champion. > Duchess Ariel of Glastonbury Tor and Sir Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Vyetcikov were named to be Their Majesties’ Thegns. > Honorable Lord William Fletcher of Carbery is the new Archer Champion. > Honorable Lady @Geva de Kent is the new Equestrian Champion. > Honorable Lord Gawin Kappler is the new Cut & Thrust Champion.

  • Evening court:

> Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir – Duchy > Ashland de Mumford – County > @Aleyn Crawley – Queen’s Chalice > @Kari, Otoshi’s Daughter – Queen’s Chalice > Cilian Mac Marroo – Cross of Calontir > @Halldóra Guðrøðardóttir – Silver Hammer > Volkmar Katzbalger – Silver Hammer > Caterine le Jeune – AoA, as it was her third AoA, TRMs welcomed her into the Order of the Torse. She also received a ring from Her Majesty’s own hand. > @Giulia Isabella da Venezia – Golden Calon Swan > Maegwyn verch Bleddyn – Calon Lily > @Fastmundr Eldjarnsson – AoA

  • Other court happenings:

> Their Majesties gave gifts to His Highness of the Midrealm and Their Highnesses of Northshield. > A boon was begged for Vilhelm Lich to join the Order of the Pelican. > Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir received his Chivalry scroll, due since the reign of Martino III and Ariel. > A boon was begged for Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill to join the Order of the Pelican. > 3 newcomers received mugs. > Their Graces Sven and Siobhan presented gifts from AEthelmearc. > A boon was begged for Severin Sveinsdóttir to join the Order of the Laurel. > A boon was begged for Kristine nic Tallieur to join the Order of the Laurel.


Comments and Impressions: