Coronation 2016, Winter

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9 January 2016 Location Royalty: Xerxis and Bele Anna -> Matsunaga and Elena

Event Steward:



Unofficial Court Report:

  • Final business of Xerxis and Bele Anna:

> Gwenne Margareta Melinnith – AoA > Emma Underfoot was recognized as the “Queen’s Heart” > Vaclav Semjaka – King’s Favor > Michael of Safita – QED for Ideals of the Society

  • First business of Matsunaga and Elena:

> Erik Son of Tyr is the new King’s Champion. > Cedric Peregrine is the new Queen’s Champion. > Anna Plantyn is the Captain of the Guard. > Kitsu no Taro is the Royal Stile Champion.

  • 'Evening court:'On the tournament field:

> Li Jun Quan – Iren Fyrd > Ameline de Coity – Torse > Maria Arosa – Golden Calon Swan > William Douglas – Stile Fyrd > Duncan Mac Torquill – Stile Fyrd > Caius Rectus Xerxis – County > Bele Anna de Rugé – County


Comments and Impressions: