Corona Virus Quarantine

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Just as Gulf Wars was to start, the Board of Directors was compelled to shut down all official SCA activities due to the looming threat of the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic.

Events affected:[edit | edit source]

  • Gulf Wars 2020
  • Spring RUSH
  • Lilies War Work Day
  • Spring Crown Tourney
  • all local meetings and practices

Coping Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

Virtual Gulf Wars posts on the Kingdom of Calontir Facebook group - songs, stories, battles as we imagine they might have been

Arts & Sciences[edit | edit source]

Period Letter Writing Pen Pals - organized by Sir John Bowyer

Calontir Virtual Arts & Sciences Classes

Calligraphy Course at Mr Rogers Hobbyhood

Youth and Family Achievement Program - many activities that can be done at home (by young and old!)

Facebook Groups

Medieval Games:

  • Calculi - FB video on the Roman game by Richard de Bleys with other games in the comments:
    • Rota (available as an app on Google Play)
    • 9-Man Morris aka Mills (multiple versions available on Google Play)
    • Latrunculi (a couple of versions available on Google Play)

Museums and Academic Resources:

  • Cambridge Core Over 700 textbooks available regardless of whether previously purchased. Free access is available until the end of May 2020.

Martial Activities[edit | edit source]

Backyard Basics Pell Drills by Duke Marc de Arundel of the West

Youth Combat Training Video by Hamlyn