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Marble "Throne" from the Baths of Caracalla, c. 200 BCE

Just as Gulf Wars was to start, the Board of Directors was compelled to shut down all official SCA activities due to the looming threat of the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic.

Events affected:[edit | edit source]

  • Gulf Wars 2020
  • Spring RUSH
  • Lilies War Work Day and Lilies
  • Spring Crown Tourney
  • all in-person events: April, May, June, July, August
  • all local meetings and practices: April, May, June

Outdoor, socially-distanced local meetings and practices allowed starting in July

Coping Mechanisms[edit | edit source]

Virtual Gulf Wars posts on the Kingdom of Calontir Facebook group - classes, songs, stories, battles as we imagine they might have been

Video - Calontir Glows!

Lilies War 2020, Virtual

Known World Entertainment Guide on Facebook

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
Weekly Events Fiber-along Zoom Party Virtual Fighter Practice using ZOOM Three Rivers Bardic Zoom
Monthly Events Heralds Farble (3rd Sunday)

Arts & Sciences[edit | edit source]

On-line Classes & Chats[edit | edit source]


RUSH would like to announce that for the duration of event closures due to the current epidemic, we will be offering RUSH credit for online classes that meet the following criteria.

  • Classes must be at least an hour long.
  • Classes must be taught by a SCA person.
  • Classes must be SCA related per normal RUSH criteria.

If you teach or take a class, please send the following to

  • Instructor’s name (mundane & SCA)
  • Student’s name (mundane & SCA)
  • Name of class and/or class description
  • Length of class (time)

We would love to encourage the wearing of garb as one would to event classes, but we understand that during this trying time, that may not always be feasible so we are waving that requirement during this temporary offering.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to get to everybody as soon as we can. And please, above all, take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

In service, Quiteria la Roja
(incoming RUSH Chancellor)

Stirring the Pot: An Unofficial Cooks Guild Colloquium

Calontir Virtual Arts & Sciences Classes

SCA University Podcast - THL Saito Takauji has begun a podcast for teaching RUSH classes online.

Mushira Catalina's Majlis

A Majlis is my social sitting area where we talk about Arts, Sciences, the SCA, Calontir Culture, Service, and why we are here. Each week during the Plague times I invite all of you to join me and my special guest as we discuss what brings them joy in the SCA world of Arts & Sciences & Service.

If you have missed any of my previous chats, you can find them here:

Calontir Fiber-along Zoom Party via Facebook - Tuesdays at 6 pm, hosted by Nikolena Popriadukhina, OL.

Calligraphy Course at Mr Rogers Hobbyhood

Youth and Family Achievement Program - many activities that can be done at home (by young and old!)

Period Letter Writing Pen Pals - organized by Sir John Bowyer

Plague Heralds

Music & Dance[edit | edit source]

Three Rivers Friday Night Bardic Zoom

Dahrien's List of On-line Bardic Circles. Per Ingiborg:

  • Dahrien's bardics are fun and small (pick, pass, or play)
  • Three Rivers' bardics are fun and large (chat the Zoom host to be put on the list of those waiting to perform)
  • Cariadoc's Enchanted Ground (in-persona) bardic. His Grace is a host in a period, middle eastern sense—he welcomes you, may ask what lands you've traveled from, and if you perform he'll respond to your piece with one of his own. (Though, sadly, he can't offer tastes of treats like he did the time I attended one of his gatherings at Pennsic.)

Calontir Dance Video

SCA Dance Videos

Inter-kingdom Bardic Madness Sunday, July 19, through Thursday evening, with Saturday, July 25 as Challenge Day, with opportunities to join in performance challenges throughout the day and a post-revel bardic into the night. Most of the classes and other activities will be on Zoom, with some on Discord and Google Meet.

A&S Facebook Groups[edit | edit source]

Medieval Games:[edit | edit source]

  • Calculi - FB video on the Roman game by Richard de Bleys with other games in the comments:
    • Rota (available as an app on Google Play)
    • 9-Man Morris aka Mills (multiple versions available on Google Play)
    • Latrunculi (a couple of versions available on Google Play)

Museums and Academic Resources:[edit | edit source]

  • Cambridge Core Over 700 textbooks available regardless of whether previously purchased. Free access is available until the end of May 2020.

Martial Activities[edit | edit source]

Backyard Basics Pell Drills by Duke Marc de Arundel of the West

Youth Combat Training Video by Hamlyn

Cornerstones of Greatsword by HG Hirsch

Virtual Fighter Practice using ZOOM[edit | edit source]

When: Wednesday Evenings 7:00-8:30pm

Open to the first 100 guests to login. We will try to record and post the practices to YouTube for those who can’t make it.

We will try to keep this going as long as we are under the SCA moratorium.

Thank you, Sir Dirik