Clothier's Seminar 2016

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6 February 2016 Location Royalty

Event Steward: HL Geraude Benet

Class List:


  • HL Giraude Benet announced a special addition to Clothiers: there will be a special display of Sashatec clothing, and inclusion in the parade

Unofficial Court Report:

  • A temporary expulsion was announced against Steaffan Shaw.

> Tanaka Ujimori – Torse > Aleit de la Thomme – Golden Calon Swan > Tomas de Lepe – AoA > Ysabel de la Oya – Torse > Brian Robert MacDougall – Torse > Finán mac Crimthainn – Torse > Victoria Anthoinette Sauvignon – Calon Lily


Comments and Impressions:

  • I had an excellent time at Clothiers. Thank you to everyone who came to my class! - Elspeth of Stonehaven
  • Greetings, Calontir! If you were hunting me down yesterday at Clothier's Seminar for recipes from the Inn, please let me know. Rumor has it, they may be in the very next Clarion (BFS's newsletter) issue! YiS, Lady Adelaide
  • Such a fabulous day!

> Thank you to all the people who helped and the Shire of Cúm an Iolair for hosting such a great day full of learning and fun at Clothiers! - Nesscia