Chieftain's 2017

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25 February 2017 Location Royalty

Event Steward:


Feast Menu:

  • On the Table

Bread Butter Dried fruit

  • First Course

Lamb Stew Green Peas in sauce Cheese Tart

  • Second Course

Roasted Chickens with Two Sauces (garlic and plum) Blanched carrot and parsnip salad Pear and Apple Tart

  • Banquet Course

Marmalade Apple Custard Marchpane Feast Steward: Joan Myssenden Highlights:

Unofficial Court Report:

  • Morning court:

> Sir Duncan Eardstapa and Honorable Lady Gwendolyn Verch Morgaine were invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Three Rivers. > Killian O’Connaill – Chivalry

  • On the field:

> Balthazar de Lumiere – Iren Fyrd

  • Evening court:

> Freygunnr Briansdottir, called Spearmother – AoA > Josef von Rothenburg – Court Barony > Slaine ni Chiaran – Court Barony > Elynor of Glastonbury – Cross of Calontir > Rima of Three Rivers – Leather Mallet > Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten – Augmentation of Arms > Annora Reyner – Cross of Calontir

  • Other court happenings:

> Count Caius Rectus Xerxis was recognized as the winner of the Chieftains Armored Combat Tourney. > A boon was begged for Avery Quatremaine to join the Order of the Laurel. > A boon was begged for Eowyth þa Siðend to join the Order of the Pelican. > A boon was begged for Magdalena vander Meere to join the Order of the Pelican.


Comments and Impressions: