Chieftain's 2015

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28 February 2015 Location: American Czech Educational Center in St. Louis City Royalty: TRM Anton and Isabeau

Event Steward: Lady Francesca of Three Rivers Theme: Venetian Carnival -


  • Sir Hassan won the Tournament of Chieftains
  • THL Matsu won the sword-and-shield tourney
  • Herzog Hirsch won the two-handed tourney
  • Sir Hassan won the Bear Pit
  • Baron Ravasz won the Steel tourney
  • Faustus Cantilius Lupus won the man-at-arms tournament

Unofficial Court Report:

  • AoAs were granted to

Lord Bero von Wustenbrunner, Lady Kitten, and Lord Torvin Vortison.

  • THL Isen was given his AoA scroll from the Midrealm.
  • Sir Hassan begged a boon - that His Lordship Matsunaga Kagetora be invited to enter the order of Chivalry!
  • Duke Hirsch begged the boon for HL Richard de Bleys as well.
  • In Baronial Court,

THL Gwendolyn verch Morgaine stepped down as Seneschal of B3R. Mistress Conna stepped into the position. Marriage Proposal...


Comments and Impressions:

  • Thank you to the folks who braved the weather to attend Chieftains yesterday and compete in the Lily vs. Lion competition for Lilies War!

> > Master Seathrun won 5 resurrection points for the English side with his early period kite shield with a lion type beast. > > Lady Juliana received a beautiful box crafted by Master Dammo for her Lily medallion with beaded necklace, and Lady Abitissa received a hand made silk purse donated by Her Ladyship Avery for her beautiful beaded box with both Fleur de lis and lions. > > Wonderful entries, thanks for your participation! > > In March, the Lilies War would like to offer 5 resurrection points for a side at Lilies to the individual with the most volunteer hours at Gulf Wars. If you are going, volunteer to help in some way, and come back and report your hours. Help the War, help Calontir, and you will help your side at Lilies! > > Who has more generous people--the English or the French? > > Duchess Aislinn > Lilies Pre-events coordinator