Ceilidh 2015

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18 April 2015 Dun Ard/Forgotten Sea, Ft. Leavenworth Hunt Lodge Royalty: HRH Xerxes

Event Stewards: Caitlin nic Raighne, Roland Follifoote Webpage: http://www.bfs-kc.org/home/events/local-event Flyer: http://calendar.calontir.org/2015%20Ceilidh%20flier%20v.3.pdf

Theme: the Last Ceilidh


  • Since no one from Dun Ard would face me neither on the field of battle nor in the highland games, I hereby claim those lands as my own. Let those who might dispute My claim come and speak with His Highness, who was witness at Ceilidh.

Baron Duncan Bruce of LoganKnight of the SocietyMaster of the PelicanBaron of the Court of JoeAngus and Phaedraand nowEvil Overlord of the Lands of Dun Ard

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