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An award given to those kingdom groups who have provided service to the kingdom above that normally expected of them. The group may place "Bearer of the Falcons Heart" after its name, and companions of the order may bear the badge.

Link to the On-line Order of Precedence:[edit | edit source]

First Groups to Receive the Award[edit | edit source]

The Falcon’s Heart

Scroll texts by: Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis and Marcus de la Forest


Hear and know the word and will of Fernando, Falcon King, and Lyriel, Lily Queen, delivered on the dust-choked fields of the 17th Estrella War.

Just as the Falcon must be possessed of a firm heart to provide stamina and strength while soaring the skies in search of prey, so does the Falcon Host rely upon the selfless work of its Waterbearers to insure the vigor and power of its soldier on battlefields across the Known World. As the Falcon's heart sends forth its lifeblood to strengthen its limbs, so do Our Waterbearers pour out for Our Host life-giving water, that they might continue their death-dealing work.

So thus is it meet and fitting that We, Fernando and Lyriel, with Our army assembled, declare the Waterbearers of Calontir Bearers of the Falcon's Heart.

So say we, on this the 17th day of February, AS XXXV, standing on the honour-strewn field of battle on the burning sands of the Estrella War.

Hear now the words of Fernando, Falcon King by Sword and Law, and Lyriel, Lily Queen and Inspiration.

Often, in times of war, have great metal vessels been filled with life-giving nourishment for the Falcon War Host. Yet these vessels cannot contain that love which We feel for our Soup Kitchen. Here, on the sands of Estrella, where their tireless work is always seen, do We Fernando and Lyriel, present the one vessel that may contain Our people's love - the Falcon's Heart.

On this 16th day of February, A.S. XXXV, let Our decree affirm the membership of the Calontir Soup Kitchen within Our Order of the Falcon's Heart.

So say We from the Falcon Thrones in Our war camp at this 17th Estrella War.

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