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[edit | edit source]

Disaster Strikes:[edit | edit source]

Master Freiderich von Blumenkamp of Calontir, Lady Lora Ann Rós and their son Liam’s car caught on fire on the return trip from Gulf Wars on March 21st 2015. Although all the humans escaped safely, unfortunately, none of the birds survived. Artemis, a 21 year old Harris Hawk, Cinnamon, a 5 year old Red Tailed Hawk, Winter, a 4 year old gyrfalcon, Lady, a 16 year old Aplomado falcon and Ra’n, a 4 year old American Kestrel, died in the fire. A fund to help the family of falconers has been set up by [Andromir Vukovic].

Photos[edit | edit source]

K. Roberts Photography Fundraiser for Brooks family -

Dirge for the Falcons[edit | edit source]

by Lord Da’ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari, mka Adam Elkan-Hale, via Facebook

From seacoast lands did the host march home
Hearts and minds did soar
Telling tales of the war fray’s work
Wishing for one day more

Then loudly cried Lord Andromir With story of fire and woe Master Freidrich’s wagon burns All is lost in tow

Calontir has her falcons lost Her mighty birds of prey The Knowne World weeps with Calontir This black and mournful day

Talons, beaks were razor sharp Like Calon army’s spears Your eyes saw far with keen cold glance Our eyes now shed tears {| | Calontir has her falcons lost |- |The Singing Kingdom weeps |- |Bright Cal’trava’s shine is dimmed |- |Calon birds now sleep |}

Cinnamon, Artemis, and kestrel R’an Lady and Winter white Fly to Valhalla, to Odin’s arm Feast on flesh tonight

Calontir has her falcons lost Empty the Heartland skies Hearts are heavy, but in your names Gold falcons shall ever fly

Hearts are heavy, but in your names Gold falcons shall ever fly {| | |- |Link to Johanna singing the dirge: |}

Fionn O' Diubhain It is often great joy or great sadness that moves one to write... the latter called me tonight. I'm sorry for your loss, we grieve with you.

Calontir sheds tears fresh
Talons in wood's bane lost
Freya's cloak-kin flying
Feathers shadow Hel's road

Blood song sung days before Brought Calontir honor But her hearts laid low by Light of fire's darkness {| | Cinnamon, red-reaver |- |R'an, the noble ripple-wing |- |Winter's ivory allure |- |Artemis hunts Hel's Hall |}

Weeps the Sable Star for Soar no more these falcons This skald's tongue now silent Sorrow has reaped his words. {| | |- | |- |==More Remembrances== |- |* Liem's Blog post - |- |* Story in the East Kingdom Gazette - |- |* Thank you for the add to this group. I wanted to express my sorrow and heart break at the loss of your Kingdom's War Falcons and to also give big *HUGS* to the Brooks family. My family and I have admired and been in awe of these birds for some time and I am glad I did get to see them one last time at Gulf Wars this year, if only from a distance. Howls of mourning from House of the Well Fed Wolf and many wishes for comfort and healing to all. |- |> Lady Thora the Red, Midrealm, Shires of Cuil Cholium and Mynydd Seren |- |> |}