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The Calontir Shield Wall. Left to Right: Conde Fernando (KSCA) , Ldy Amba, Sir Kirk (KSCA), HL Duncan MacTorkill (Huscarl), Master Drix (Huscarl), Mar... over 80 years of fighting experience in the front line. Second row: Sutton Hoo helm with green taped polearm between Drix and Duncan is Hrothgar, to the right of Mar is Raudr. Middle back is tallest Sir Marcus, HL Albret and Ld Frigr and then Sir Dirk center.

Calontir Shield Wall by Godfrey von Rheinfels, Barony of Tyr Ysgithr - CC BY-NC 2.0

It can get boring holding up a shield wall during a war. And there’s really no reason to let good time go to waste. So to provide an opportunity for advancing one’s education while war wages around them, Calontir has begun giving Latin lessons during the fighting. Our thanks go to Master Andrixos to providing these lessons for us.

So...repeat after Drix:

Consilium habemus. (We have a plan).
Consilium callidum est. (It is a clever plan).
Est tam callidum ut vinci bis. (It is too clever to fail twice.)
Si caudatum, mustela sit. (It is so clever, you could slap a tail on it and call it a weasel).
Hoc est consilium farcimen. (This is a weinie plan.)

Cervisiam habes. (You have a beer.)
Cervisiae careo. (I have no beer.)
Qualis amicus es? (What kind of friend are you?)

Securem habeo. (I have a polearm).
Caput securem fregit. (Your head broke my polearm).
Damn Rhinohider. (Damn Rhinohider.)

Sumus grex agni. (We are a flock of sheep).
Agni dentati. (Sheep with teeth).