Bardic College of Calontir

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Just what is "bardic?"[edit | edit source]

That's a tough question, and the answer depends on whom you ask. Generally, we consider bardic: 1) to be related to the SCA itself, or the SCA "period" (before AD 1600, usually in Europe); 2) to have something to do with story, poetry, or music; 3) to be intended to entertain, or convey information through entertainment. Examples might be a story about Loki, a troubadour-style poem, or a song about Artemesian Duke So-and-so forgetting his pants.

Introduction of Group:[edit | edit source]

The Bardic College of Calontir is a largely-informal guild of Calontiri bards and interested others. Members might perform, research, create, promote... but every one of us enjoys the bardic arts.

History[edit | edit source]

More Information[edit | edit source]

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