Anton IV and Yseult, 72nd Crown

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Anton and Yseult at their Coronation
King's Device
Queen's Device

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Crown Tourney: 04/14/2019 (Three Rivers)
  • Coronation: 07/13/2019 (group)
  • Stepped down: mm/dd/yyyy (group)

Personas[edit | edit source]

Anton is a mid to late 13th Century soldier who started his military career in service to the Bluett family of Norman marcher lords in possession of the Welsh marches around Rhaghelan village. He won renown there and rose through the ranks until Llywelyn ap Gruffydd began uniting the Welsh princes under his banner, as had his grandfather before. Being Welsh by birth, and ever-resentful of the Norman occupation, Anton left his Norman over-lord and joined with Llywelyn’s forces. Though the Peace is never certain, Anton remains committed to Wales in her struggle against English occupation. Cymru am byth a iechyd da.

Yseult is the child of French nobility in 14th century France. Yseult is a young noble, just making their way into Court. They are a prominent moralist and political thinker. Their favorite past-times include sewing, painting, reading, riding horses, and archery. They are known to be passionate, considerate, kind, and loves to support their people in their goals and dreams.

Likes/Dislikes[edit | edit source]


Raisins are an abomination. If you have grapes, eat them, or make wine!

LIKES Meats, cheeses, breads, pickles, olives, nuts etc.

DISLIKES IPA’s are just bad. Diet anything. Please… I earned this paunch!

LIKES Water is always a good choice. Coffee makes mornings happen. Sometimes Dr. Pepper is good. Beer is good – porter, bock, wheat, stout, etc. Irish and Scotch whiskey on occasion.


Raisins, Shellfish, Nuts inside of sweet foods, Cheese/Milk, (butter is good though!), melons, avocados.

LIKES Savory foods, Meat, Flavored breads, and biscuits.

DISLIKES Hoppy beer

LIKES Mead, Tea, Yerba mate, Sour beer


Green, Blue and White

SYMBOLS Eyes and the Serpent Knowed (snakes)


Purple, black, and white.

SYMBOLS Badger. Falcon.


If you are not having fun, find a way to fix that. Be nice to my wife.


Show love, patience, and respect for all. Please refrain from smoking near me or near to a time you’d like to speak to me.

Scribal notes:[edit | edit source]

TRHs have chosen 13th Century English/French manuscripts for their reign...

Period examples for preprints:

Royal Scribe: Mistress Elynor of Glastonbury, OL

Court:[edit | edit source]

  • Chamberlain: Master Isengrim Sleggja
  • Head of Household: Mistress Kajsa Nikulasdotter
  • Thegn/s: Duchess Aislinn Morcroft, Countess Elena del Mar
  • Captain of the Guard – Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato
  • King’s Champion – Herzog Hirsch Ross Eichmann
  • Queen’s Champion – Proconsul Marius Lucian Fidelis
  • Cut & Thrust Champion – Honorable Lord Jonathon Hogue
  • Archery Champion – Lord Bero von Wüstenbrunner
  • Equestrian Champion – TBA
  • Arts & Sciences Champion – TBA
  • Youth Fighting Champion – Cian Thomas of Oakheart
  • Youth Archery Champion – Nolan Beroson

Witan (at beginning of reign):[edit | edit source]

  • Seneschal:
  • Gold Falcon Herald:
  • Earl Marshal:
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences:
  • Exchequer:
  • Chronicler:
  • Web Minister

Elevations:[edit | edit source]





Law Changes:[edit | edit source]