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Alfgeirr skytja, 2005. Photo by Ki no Kotori.

Alfgeirr skytja[edit | edit source]

aka Robert le Breton, Abe no Tarou Hideaki

Persona:[edit | edit source]


History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Timeline:
  • While I am from Iowa originally, I started in the SCA in 1985 in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, in what is now known as the Shire of Brad Leah. At the time, it was an incipient Stronghold being formed by people living in and around Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX.
  • However, I went into hiatus after moving to my next duty station at RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire, England (in what is now West Dragonshire, Insulae Draconis, Drachenwald). I lived there from 1988 to 1990, but was not very involved during that time.
  • In 1990, I returned to Ansteorra, where I resided in the Barony of Elfsea. I moved to Calontir in 1992, but went on hiatus again.
  • I was briefly involved with the Barony of the Flame, (Louisville, KY) in the Midrealm in 1997, after meeting my wife, Ki no Kotori.
  • Together, we moved back to Calontir in 1998. We lived in Coeur d'Ennui from 1998-2001 and were involved with the group there.
  • We moved to Dubuque in 2001 and started the Riverwatch contact group in mid-2002. It disbanded in 2006. After that, we were honorary members of the Shire of Deodar.
  • AOA awarded by King Valens and Queen Susannah for my service as an Archery Marshal 5/24/2003
  • We moved to the Kansas City area in December 2012.
  • Link to Calontir OP -
Being awarded my AOA by King Valens and Queen Susannah, Barony of Forgotten Sea, 2003. Photo by Verla Herschell.

  • Groups and Affiliations:
  • Current Group: Cum an Iolair
  • Previous Groups: Shire of Deodar (Calontir) Riverwatch contact group (Dubuque, IA--Calontir), Barony of Coeur d'Ennui (Calontir), Barony of the Flame (Midrealm), Barony of Elfsea (Ansteorra), former Stronghold in what now is the Shire of Brad Leah (Ansteorra)
  • Guilds, Households, etc: None
  • Offices:
  • Local Offices: Archery Marshal (Riverwatch Contact Group)
  • Regional Offices:
  • Kingdom Offices:
  • SCA-wide Offices:
  • Other service: When I am able to attend events, I usually try to help at the Gate.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

I enjoy archery a lot. I am also interested in brewing (mead and wine), leather work, and wood working, and want to try my hand at card-weaving, too! My work schedule does not allow me to attend events very often, but I enjoy visiting with our local shire members when I have the chance, and I try to get out to one or two events a year.

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