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Lord Alaric Acwulf[edit | edit source]

Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • Alaric Acwulf is a Saxon living in 12th Century England. I love tales of Robin Hood as well as the more factual history of Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine and their sons.

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

I was first introduced to the SCA in A.S.XII (CE 1977). I'm guessing my first large event may have been Sprites since I was living in the (then) Shire of the Forgotten Sea. My initial participation was sporadic but in the 1980's I served as feastocrat for Oak Heart's first three St. George tourneys (although I still lived in Forgotten Sea) and in A.S.XX I received my Award of Arms. Later I served my Barony as guildmaster of the Forgotten Sea Herb Guild. In A.S.XXIV I received a Leather Mallet for my work in herbalism.

I moved to the Kingdom of Æthelmearc in A.S.XXXVI. There I served the Shire of Sunderoak as their local herald and was subsequently appointed as the kingdom's Gage Herald. In this position I assisted local heralds throughout the region mundanely known as western Pennsylvania. For this service I received a Keystone (the equivalent of Calontir's Torse) in A.S.LII. At Lammastide the following year I returned to our fair kingdom of Calontir where I hope to eventually help establish a Shire in Dubuque, Iowa and the surrounding area.


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