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The Reign of Agamemnon and Gwen, 62nd Crown of Calontir

Crown Tournament:



  • Chamberlain - HG Phaedra Filia Roberti

Largess Ideas:



His Majesty Agamemnon Her Majesty Gwen
Tomatoes, olives ====Food====
Tomatoes, peppers, raw onions, modern food at medieval events
Cheeses (feta, mozarella, ricotta), food in general

No allergies {| | =====Likes===== |- |Period food, meats and cheeses, breads (especially homemade), fruit (berries, grapes), chocolate, caramel, nuts, hummus, olives |}

Did I mention cheese? || || ====Drinks====


Wine, fancy beer, whiskey || ====Drinks====


IPA, most American beers, whiskey, soda || || =====Likes===== Cider, ‘frou-frou drinks’, tequila, gin & tonic, rum, blue beer (Busch, PBR), tea (white or oolong), water, Red Bull, Sprite, fruit juice || =====Likes===== Cider, Sweet wines (Riesling, muscato, ice wine), frou-frou girly drinks, Gin & Tonics, Amaretto, really hoppy beer, tea (white, green, or oolong), water || || ====Colors & Symbols==== His ColorsWhite, black, gold SymbolsChecky, sun || ====Colors & Symbols==== Her ColorsGold, black and purple SymbolsBlack roses, gold lobsters || || || || Royal Whims I would ask that our Calontiri strive to serve period food at all events, even at the inns. There are many cheap, tasty period recipes that can be served. If your group is at a loss, please contact the Calontir Cook's Guild. They would be happy to help you make the medieval food choice.